Inside DJ Joe Mfalme’s House

During an interview with KTN's Naila Kenga, DJ Joe Mfalme took the audience on a tour of his three-bedroom house.

DJ Joe Mfalme one of Kenya’s top DJs is among the celebrities who have built their parents a house. And it seems like he tapped his blessings and he will soon be building his own house.

“I had a project nilikua nafanyia mathe kwanza so I had to finish up on that,” he said.

Joe Mfalme revealed this during an interview with Naila Kenga the host of Art of Living that airs on KTN. He says that building is cheaper and someone gets quality for their own liking.

DJ Joe and Naila Kenga during the house tour [photo courtesy]

During the interview, he also took the audience through a tour of his three-bedroomed house that he has been staying in for more than three years now.

Of the three bedrooms, one serves as the master bedroom with its own toilet and bathroom. He says that growing up his bed was high and he wanted something for a change, the reason for his low bed. His bedroom has also power plugs on both sides of the bed which he says is very essential for him.

Inside DJ Joe's bedroom [photo courtesy]

The other bedroom which is the guest room is empty and he converted the third bedroom into an office. He does his work that includes TV recordings from his office and has plans to buy a trophy stand for his many trophies, the recent one being the Best Virtual DJ of the Year.

DJ Joe's home office [photo courtesy]

His sitting has a theme colour of black and white, something he has replicated for the other rooms in the house. He says that he had to change the interior of the house after his mother termed the plain white of the walls boring. He maintains a neutral color for his seats which he bought from Dollar Furniture Kenya. The sitting room has an extension for the dining area.

DJ Joe's Dining area [photo courtesy]

DJ Joe Mfalme says that the TV was what he bought first when he moved to the house and then the lampshade in the sitting room. He Bought his curtains on Biashara Street.

The house also has a spacious kitchen, a laundry area and one more toilet and bathroom in addition to the one in the master bedroom.

Joe Mfalme describes his space as sufficient as he does not like big spaces that he is not using. He hopes to own a ranch in the next five years.

Edited by Emomeri Maryanne