Rwandan Hostel That Housed Genocide Survivors Set to House Deported UK Refugees

Mixed reactions have met the announcement of a Rwandan hostel built for genocide survivors as one of the three that will also host deported UK refugees.

Rwandan Hostel That Housed Genocide Survivors Set to House Deported UK Refugees

Hope hostel, in Kigali’s Kagugu neighborhood which is currently in the last stage of renovation, is ready to receive migrants and asylum seekers deported by the government of the United Kingdom (UK).

Home Secretary of the UK, Priti Patel’s migrant policy will see those who arrive in the UK illegally deported to Rwanda after a deal struck in April by the UK and Rwandan government.

The Rwandan government will support the migrants for 5 years by providing full-board accommodation and healthcare until they are able to be self-reliant.

Hope hostel, which was built to shelter student survivors of the 1994 genocide against Tutsi, will now be home to the UK migrants who will fly miles away to Rwanda, the hostel is among three facilities that will house migrants.

It has 50 double bedrooms for 100 people, two migrants will each share a room with communal bathrooms and laundry areas on each floor. Other amenities include two red-carpeted prayer areas, free WIFI, and computers to help them keep up with their legal cases.

The complex also has a sizeable compound with a tent for ceremonial occasions. The other two facilities are Hallmark Residents and Desire Resorts Hotel.

Here compared to the provisions by the British detention facilities the Rwandan government has promised them privileges like applying for asylum locally and being facilitated to resettle in Rwanda or be facilitated to go back to their home country. They will also receive support from the program.

This action by the UK government has however received heavy criticism from dozen of refugee rights groups, British leaders, the head of the Anglican Church, and even Rwandan opposition politicians.

However, the UK government Spokesperson has defended it stating that the policy is compliant with Britain’s national and international obligation and that this migration scheme will help combat the activities of human rights trafficking gangs.

 “We are still struggling with having enough infrastructure like electricity, roads, schools, hospital, and water. We are not the same as the UK. We have to think twice. ”Opposition Party told CNN

The UK will pay Rwanda $145 million over the next five years to finance this program. They will also pay for processing and integration costs for each relocated migrant, covering the cost of legal advice, translators' accommodation, food, caseworkers, and healthcare.

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