Most Expensive Homes in Kenya

Most Expensive Homes in Kenya
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1. William Ruto's Mansion In Eldoret.

The Kingsley Mansion is yet to be completed but is estimated to be worth Ksh.1.2billion.

It lies about 15km East of Eldoret and sits on 20- acres of land, part of 700 acres bought by the Deputy President in Moiben Constituency.

Part of the area has an airstrip, which could be rehabilitated as part of the home. The DP prefers to keep the ongoing works confidential and always flies in and out of the compound.

A top tier Chinese construction company did the foundation for the main house,a guest wing,two swimming pools,a library,gym and other lavish facilities.

(The plan of how Deputy President William Ruto's house should be. Photo/Courtesy.)

2. Jimmy Wanjigi's Palace.

The siege laid by police at Jimmy Wanjigi's home in Muthaiga, Nairobi, provided a rare opportunity for the public to get a glimpse into the home of the mysterious billionaire businessman. The home is said to be worth Ksh.1billion.

The billionaire loves Gold and shades of brown as seen from the sets of furniture and the walls of the posh house.The massive house represents an imposing front with two chandeliers hanging in the foyer.

The extraordinary place features its own chinese teahouse and chinese pavilion.
Children's and guest's rooms were designed in different styles to accommodate each person's  individual taste.

Jimmy Wanjigi's home.

Two levels of the library are connected by a hand carved -spiral staircase
The grand staircase features hand carved,solid mahogany railing.It is crowned by a stained glass pyramid ceiling dome.

There is a formal lounge for VIP guests as well as a formal dining room with a table for 24 people that can comfortably sit and converse. A casual lounge,for the family members to meet is also there. There is a breakfast room including a home entertainment system.

The resident also has a basketball court alongside a Thai-style lounge.

Jimmy Wanjigi's Thai Style lounge. Photo/Courtesy.

Inside the house is a safe house where Wanjigi reportedly hid to avoid arrest when police raided his home. The safe's house location was never identified

The palatial home also has tinted windows that minimize visibility inside it.


3. Raila's Mansion in Kisumu.

The former Prime Minister's  private residence is estimated to be worth Ksh.1billion

The Mansion stands on Kanyakwar, Riat hills, Overlooking the Kisumu International Airport.

The house is a three- storey building painted yellow and sports brown glass on it's front.

It contains 74 rooms,10 which are said to be bedrooms. There are also, two main conference rooms,two small conference rooms, four expansive kitchens and other office spaces.

Outside,there is a Helipad that receives the AU envoy or his guests.

It reportedly took nine years to construct it.