Jalango's Exclusive Mansion Tour in The Village

The media personality, who is now one of the richest celebrities around, takes us through his mansion tour located in the village, Homabay county.

Jalango's Exclusive Mansion Tour in The Village
Image of Jalang'o. Photo/Courtesy

A good number of celebrities have been investing in their rural areas, with the aim of having a worthy place to call home. One of the currently most sort emcees with at least five gigs in his name per week, media personality Felix Odiwuor was known by his stage name Jalango, has not been left behind.

Traditionally in western Kenya and Nyanza, boys are expected to build a home where they are expected to sleep at whenever they visit their parents called a "Simba" and for this Jalango is just on time with a stunning sneak peek of an Instagram video of a decent Simba.

The Instagram tour video begins with "soon everything will be complete" as the constructors can still be seen on site in his video, he goes all the way to tour fans in his soon-to-be-completed mansion in his rural home at Homabay.

He begins the tour with a show of the chandeliers hanging on the ceiling of an expansive leaving room that he "can't wait to move into". His kitchen is all black, the cabinets, drawers, countertops, and even the tiles, Jalango decided to do with a black.

He also showed off some parts of the huge bedroom in the house, and sure the washrooms were also as spacious as the bedrooms come. His master bedroom is on the opposite side of the other bedrooms and Jalango made sure that it be adjacent to the living room and black be the dominant color.

The whole tour comes to an end with a revelation of a hidden room between the kitchen and the bedroom that he calls his prayer room.

Jalango has joined the list of top celebrities the likes of Daddy Owen and Jaguar, who have taken the initiative to build their own decent dream home.

“Yes it is good to be ‘famous’ u make money at that time but most of us creatives fail to invest and the most unapata shida kiasi then our loopholes zinaanza kuonekana.. it’s sad when most of us end up poor and with nothing to show at the twilight years of our careers. As I finish building my house I challenge us today.. buy land.. invest wisely.. build houses.. etc! In short, let’s take care of our future now!”  captioned Daddy Owen alongside his house which is under construction.

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