This Is Why Investors Are Eying Naivasha

This Is Why Investors Are Eying Naivasha
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Naivasha might be the next investment destination and a commercial hub as investors, both local and international are now flocking the place to get a piece of it. The improved infrastructure in this town has made it attract more developers and homeowners.

This town which was started in the 80s by Joseph Thomson has key resources such as cheap geothermal power, vast and affordable land and its accessibility to Nairobi are some of the reasons why investors are now in a rush to invest in this area.

The extension of the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) line from Nairobi to Naivasha has also turned out to be a major trade boost the SGR allows cargo to be transported from Mombasa to Naivasha.

This is why there is an influx of investors in Naivasha;

Vast and Affordable Land                                

Developers are able to acquire hundreds or even thousands of acres of land with much ease in Naivasha compared to the major cities where land is limited. Acquiring land in major cities can become a headache and may present a number of handicaps whereas acquiring land in Naivasha presents minimal legal hurdles. Its proximity to the city is also a factor that most investors consider.

Geothermal Power Plant

The geothermal power plant in Naivasha has lowered the energy cost making it a top destination to invest in. The readily available energy has made a number of industrial activities thrive in the area. Naivasha is home to Roka Industries (which produces electricity cables), Plantec limited (Kenya’s biggest producer of fruit and vegetable seedlings), Keroche Breweries, and Mashwa breweries.

Tabitha Karanja, the Managing Director of Keroche Breweries, once said that Naivasha offers a conducive environment for a good industry to boom stating that the area has all the ingredients necessary for a large-scale industry that is land, water, and power.

Tourism Destination

Naivasha currently is the hub of businesses and conferences. According to the Ministry of Tourism, it is ranked the second tourist destination after Mombasa. It has a number of high-end hotels such as Lake Naivasha spa, and Enashipai Resort Lodge among many others.

 This place is also calmer than Nairobi making it the most preferred destination by most Nairobi residents. Some of the main attractions include Lake Naivasha, Hells Gate National Park, Lake Naivasha, and an ornithological spectacle that boasts approximately 400 bird species.

Home to flower farms

Naivasha has more than 50 flower farms including Finlays, V-D Berg, Longonot Horticulture, and many others. These flower farms draw their water from the nearby Lake and have employed over 60,000 workers.

Industrial Parks

The government had previously set aside 1,000 acres of land for Naivasha Industrial Park, just a few kilometers from the Mai mahiu town. This has made it possible for the Naivasha –based flower business park to invest Ksh. 1 billion in an expansion plan. This park has now bloomed into a multi-billion seedlings plant and seven flower farms.

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