Shaolin Temple; Beautiful Scenery Attracting Many in Zambia

The first-ever Shaolin Temple has been opened in Lusaka, Zambia. The temple aims to teach Shaolin Kungfu, Chinese culture, as well as help the Chinese understand the African culture.

Shaolin Temple; Beautiful Scenery Attracting Many in Zambia

At first sight, it is easy for one to think they have just landed in the center of Beijing, the Capital City of China.

It takes a few minutes to settle down and remember, this is actually Lusaka, the Capital City of Zambia, and the location is a Shaolin Temple built in the outskirts of the city, in an area called Ngwerere.

It's the first ever Chinese Shaolin temple that has been built in Zambia's capital Lusaka, and is slowly turning into a local tourism attraction as most Zambians are now flocking to this place to enjoy the beautiful scenery and take pictures. 

The Shaolin temple in Zambia is situated along Gwerere road in Gwerere area near Tata farms in Lusaka, away from the central business district. 

The eye-catching architectural style of the  buildings at the temple is typically Chinese and has a staggering gigantic roofing at the entrance which is very unique in the country. 

The wording, color and paintings on the walls give it a more breathtaking look and a feel of china in Zambia. 

The temple's master Yan Lun said their aim in Zambia is to share their culture with those that are interested and also help young Zambians discover their hidden talents by training Kung fu.

''We are in Zambia to share our culture with the people and help young Zambians interested in Kung Fu discover their hidden talents.'' said Lun.  

He said, despite the temple being a worship place they are not forcing anyone to become a Buddhist and that people should feel free to go to the temple and experience Chinese culture  regardless of their religious beliefs. 

Chinese architectural buildings in Zambia's capital  Lusaka are increasingly being erected with the increase in the number of Chinese nationals in the country. 

It will not be surprising if some Zambians start to adopt the hip-and-gable Chinese roofing style. 

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