The Brains Behind the Kenya Homes Expo

Daniel Ojijo was house-hunting, but he could not find what he wanted no matter how hard he tried. This led him to seek the services of a real estate agent. The agent got him what he wanted and having been encouraged by this experience, he was convinced that this was a good job and this is how he also became a real estate agent.

The Brains Behind the Kenya Homes Expo
Daniel Ojijo [Photo/ Courtesy of Business Daily]

The Kenya Homes Expo which is undoubtedly the biggest homes expo in East and Central Africa is now in its 15th year with 29 expos to its name. The expo is the brainchild of a man who was once a real estate agent.

Just like any other venture, the Homes Expo was just an idea, but Daniel Ojijo the founder and CEO of Homes Universal a real estate consortium, made it his mission to actualize the idea and in 2005, he organized an open day with other real estate developers at the Village Market. Things turned out differently and the event was more than an open day. Instant offers kept pouring in on the open day.

After that, Mr. Ojijo decided to come up with the first Kenya Homes Expo which was held at the Sarit Center. This hosted specifically the major real estate industry players, including Tamarind property and Knight Frank among other big names.

The main objectives of the expo were and still are, to create an exhibition where:

  • Exhibitors can get quality leads
  • The participating companies' brand awareness can be enhanced
  • Exhibitors can get instant sales
  • Visitors can get real estate products and services under one roof.

The expo has since grown to include other industry players like interior design companies, insurance companies, architects, the banking industry, real estate agents, home solutions companies, landscapers and even the agri-business players among others.

Contributions of the Homes Expo in the real estate industry in East and Central Africa continue to be seen especially in the growth of businesses due to the exposure gained in the exhibition. In the next article, we will look at the 30th edition of the expo to be held in September and how you can be a participant.

 -Edited by Skeeter Imisa