Kenya and Tanzania Among the Top Ten Most Beautiful Countries in the World

Africa is an amazing place to be and East Africa recently got a boost to its beauty when two of the countries in the block were named in the world's top ten naturally beautiful countries.

Kenya and Tanzania Among the Top Ten Most Beautiful Countries in the World
Kenya's beautiful scenery (photo courtesy)

Kenya is home to some of the great minds and exceptional people like Eliud Kipchoge, Wangari Mathai, Barrack Obama and Lupita Nyong'o. It is also best known for things like the Wildebeest Migration and the big five animals. 

Tanzania on the other hand is known for the spectacular Mount Kilimanjaro, the beautiful Zanzibar island, the amazing national parks and other natural attractions. 

Serengeti National Park in Tanzania (photo courtesy)

A study by, known as the Natural beauty report placed Tanzania in position 4 with a score of 6.98 and Kenya in position 6 with a score of 6.7 as the world's most naturally beautiful countries. The two are the only African countries on the top ten list. The scores were based on things such as mountains, tropical rainforests, volcanoes, coral reefs per 1000,000 square kilometres. The top ten countries included:

  1. Indonesia-       7.77
  2. New Zealand- 7.27
  3. Colombia-       7.26
  4. Tanzania-        6.98
  5. Mexico-         6.96 
  6. Kenya-      6.70
  7. India-         6.54
  8. France-       6.51
  9. Papua New Guinea-  6.39
  10. Comoros- 6.22

Other African countries featured in the top 50 most beautiful countries are Eritrea at number 34 and Uganda at number 42. 

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