Malawian Architect Whose Design Could not Be Told Apart From The Constructed Building

As the legacy of the Western worlds fades away, Africans has a host of architects who are shaking the industry with designs that infuses brilliance and Africanism. Malawian architecture Charles Lipenga is one such man.

Malawian Architect Whose Design Could not Be Told Apart From The Constructed Building
Build Africa. Photo/Courtesy.

Located in Blantyre, Malawi stands a well constructed beautiful building with a touch of yellow. One of it's own kind in the region. 

(Build Africa. Photo/Courtesy.)

The magnificent building was designed by Maestro Designs and Constructon by OG constructions. Charles Lipenga, the lead architect of this new development, shared images of his designs versus the work that his team delivered. Most people had a hard time telling the difference between the visual designs and the constructed buildings.

(Build Africa. Photo/Courtesy.)

Despite the fact that the Mr Lipenga remained tight-lipped on divulging the cost of the building's construction, he expressed his pride on the kind of what his team delivered.

The building, Build Africa, is not only Malawi's frst hardware and homeware megastore brand but also wholly Malawian owned.

(Inside image of Build Africa. Photo/Courtesy.)

With thirty years of experience in the fields of hardware,tools,furniture,construction, home improvement and building materials under their belt, Build Africa seeks to also provide a wide  range of homeware, office equipment and electrical supplies. This comes in addition to a fully fledged department specializing in garden items ranging from outdoor furniture, gardening tools to braai equipment just to name a few.

Their store will also feature the first in- house coffee shop in Malawi as well as an architectural showroom, which will display the very latest designer finishes and state of the art home and building products for architects, developers and home builders.

Even as Africa's architects work towards rebuilding their various nations, the residents pride in the designs that are currently being constructed and are greatly underrated. With the rise of wholly designed, and constructed property by Africans, more opportunities are opened up for the citizens of the various nations.