Window Types According To Where They Are Located

Windows are meant for allowing light and air into the house. Their designs and types make a house more attractive and pleasing to the eye. There have been various improvements in the designing of windows except the windows meant for allowing brightening.

Window Types According To Where They Are Located

 Understanding the intended budget, house needs and uses and perhaps the architectural style, influence the choice of window design and type.
Window types are categorized into two; according to how they open and according to the way they are placed. In this article, we will get to know the designs according to the windows' location.

         Clerestory windows

These is a series of windows that are placed on the upper section of walls and are meant for allowing natural light into a room. Their use makes a room look spacious, airy and attractive.


  • They bring in natural light.
  • They make a room naturally attractive and presentable.
  • They require less maintenance.
  • They are perfect for a hallway that is long.


  • They can easily cause an overheating effect.
  • Difficult to tint due to their placement.
  • They are not suitable for bedrooms.

            Corner windows

They are types of widows that are placed at the room corners. They have a stylish outlook which promotes the attractiveness of the room. They increase the light flow into the room.


  • Enhance the uniqueness of a rooms design.
  • They maximize the view of the exterior from the interior.
  • They facilitate the flow of light energy.


  • Their cleaning is really tedious.
  • They have a high construction and initial cost.
  • Ensure security from the inside.

   Skylight windows

These are the modernist way of promoting lighting for a building. They perfectly suit small rooms such as bedrooms and kitchens since they create the illusion of a larger space. These windows can open outwards easily hence promote air circulation as well as good lighting for a room.


  • They increase the value of a property.
  • Make a small room fell and look spacious.
  • They add the natural light that is available indoors.
  • They put a room at windows
  • They are expensive to install and maintain.

        Dormer windows

They are windows that project vertically from a sloped roof. They are  useful not only for airing and brightening the room and also adding up to the uniqueness of a rooms design.                                       Advantages

  • Increases space available.
  • Promotes decoration and attractiveness.
  • Increases the openings to the house.
  • It is complicated to install.
  • The cost of maintenance is really high.
  • They put the room at the risk of having leakages.