Vera Sidika's Posh House

Vera  Sidika's  Posh House

Famous celebrities in Kenya have various assets and controversial socialite and entrepreneur Vera Sidika is not left behind .

Vera Sidika has invested a lot and now she owns one of the poshest houses located at the heart of the Magnolia hills Estate, in the suburbs of Kitusuru, Nairobi. The posh house is estimated to cost, Ksh.600million.

This was a great move considering her humble beginning where she lived in a bedsitter in Kahawa Wendani, an apartment that she used to pay Ksh. 3,500 monthly.

Her mansion is very luxurious and she is believed to have decorated her own house. Here are some of the things in her mansion ;

1. Its front yard 

The front yard ( photo/ courtesy)

It has a big front yard that can accommodate several cars and gives a striking view of the gallant mansion.

2. Its living room

The living room ( photo/courtesy)

It displays elegant and luxurious furniture with multiple shades of grey walls. It also has magnificent curtains that match the interior.

3. Its dining area

Vera's dining area ( photo/courtesy)

It is intense with almost five beautifully styled seats and a hanging premium chandelier.

4. Its closet space

Vera's closet space (photo courtesy)

Its closet is filled with the best shoes that one could ever dream of . The shoes are of different colors.

5. Its bedroom

Vera's bedroom (photo/courtesy)

Vera's bedroom has a gallant bed with a golden phone beside her bed.

6. Its balcony 

TheThe balcony( photo/ courtesy)

Her balcony has railings that are silver in color. It offers a spectacular view of the environment and its neighborhood.

Edited by Pendo Setim

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