Material to Consider for Your House: Carpet Floor or Hardwood?

The floor is the most important surface in our house. Before you design the floor of the house you need to consider the flooring material of your house whether you want carpet floor or hardwood.

Material to Consider for Your House: Carpet Floor or Hardwood?

Both these flooring materials play the same role on the floor. Here are a few comparisons between the carpet floor and hardwood floor.


In terms of durability, it is believed that Hardwood may last for 100 years or more, unlike the carpet floor which may last up to 10 years. It is believed that compared to these two-flooring materials the hardwood is long-lasting compared to the carpet floor.


Cleaning a carpeted floor is a bit easier when vacuumed compared with the hardwood floor but when it gets stains, it's difficult to remove them unlike in hardwood. On the other side cleaning hardwood is much easier when you sweep or damp mop it.

Adding Value

According to the real estate value, the hardwood adds the real estate value, unlike the carpet floor. Although, it is based on personal preference. m\Many people find hardwood more attractive than carpet floor.


The carpet floor is considered less expensive compared to the hardwood though one is likely to replace it after a while since it isn't long-lasting. Installing hardwood is difficult since it involves the use of boards and nails and one should have a correct measurement compared to carpet floor since the carpet is just rolled over and measured according to the floor size.

Most people consider having a hardwood floor than a carpeted floor since they say that the carpet floor traps dust and pollens, unlike the hardwood which is good for people who are suffering from allergies.

The carpet floors are soft and warm underneath bare feet, unlike the hardwood which is cold and hard underfoot. It also creates a surface of the floor padded thus reducing noise, unlike the hardwood floor where they are loud whereby the footsteps can be heard.

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