Splurging Versus Saving in Interior Design

The general classic rule is to splurge on items that are in constant use and on items that are personal to you. And save on items that you only see, those that are not constantly in touch with our bodies.

Splurging Versus Saving in Interior Design
Splurging Versus Saving in Interior Design

Something you use every day is going to have to be of good quality than something that just hangs on the wall or the ceiling.

Here is a list of things that you can splurge on and some that you can save on.

1.Timeless Furniture.

a) Sofa

A sofa is one of the most frequently used pieces of furniture in the house. This is because in most Kenyan homes, the sitting room is used as the TV room, the dining room(most homes don't have an actual dining room), where guests are entertained and where we just sit to relax during the day or lay to read a magazine or chat after a long day.

This means that the sofa is in constant use and hence needs to be of very good quality to withstand the test of time.

b) Mattress

Another frequently used item in a house is the mattress. Especially for those who live in Bedsitter/studio apartments. The bed serves the purpose of both a sofa and a bed. Teenagers tend to spend a lot of time in bedrooms and hence spend a lot of time on their beds(mattress). From watching to reading in the bed to even eating in their bedroom. 

Therefore, whether you live in a studio apartment or have a teenager, you should definitely invest in quality mattresses. And even if you do not fall under any of the above categories, who definitely deserve a goodnight's sleep and who want to keep on buying a mattress after every year?

2.Quality Countertops.

The attractiveness of a house is mostly seen in the kitchen and the bathrooms. Therefore, investing in quality materials for the countertops is key. You do not want to incur extra costs to repair and replace your countertops from time to time.

3.Wall Art /Statement Piece

Like they say, if you really like something, go for it! Especially if it's personal. Not only will it add a sense of style and class to the room but will also make you happy.


This is basic. Not only for safety but also for convenience. From avoiding electric accidents to avoiding nights when your bulbs blow up and you have to stay in the darkness till the following morning.

5. Wall Paint.

There's nothing bad like buying cheap paint that will chip off in a year or so, making you have to repaint and incur extra costs that could be avoided if you just bought quality paint, to begin with. 

You can also save on;

1.Accent Colors

Accent colors tend to be trendy and trends keep on changing. Therefore, when adding a pop of color wherever it's the colorful throw pillows or rugs, go for the ones that cost less because you may need to change them from time to time depending on the trends or when you get bored of them.

2.All other Furniture.

Chest of drawers, cupboards, stools and so on. These you can save on. But the most affordable.