Floating Houses in Africa

Living in a floating home is a stylish life choice for those who love the sea. These are unique solutions for year-round living, as a vacation home, a workplace or even as a residential place. The homes feature different architecture from Scandinavian styles to modern urban looks and are customized and manufactured as prefabricated modules under controlled specific factory conditions. One can rent it out as a resort for monetary purposes.

1. Floating house boatyard, Kilifi, Kenya

Floating house boatyard, Kilifi, Kenya

This floating house is situated in Kilifi Creek and surrounded by other yachts and boats. It is used as a restaurant and has a five star rating.

2. Makangale, Pemba, Tanzania

Makangale, Pemba, Tanzania

This property offers an experience like no other with a private floating island with a pool, an exotic garden, a spa, a lounge and even a bar.It  also has an open top deck that grants you an opportunity to sunbathe and stargaze at night surrounded by a tropical marine environment.

3. Shelter marine, South Africa

Shelter marine, South Africa

This is one of the floating homes built by the Shelter Marine family business which consists of houseboats for either commercial or private purposes. It’s a wonderful alternative to a river/lake property ownership and cheaper too.