Suspension Bridges in East Africa

A suspension bridge is a type of bridge  which has cables between towers and from them vertical "suspender cables" that hold the deck. Suspension cables are anchored at each end of the bridge and the carry majority of the load.

1. Kigamboni Bridge in Tanzania

Kigamboni Bridge in Tanzania
Photo. /Courtesy

This is the first suspension bridge in East Africa and one of the three in sub-saharan Africa. It is 680meters long and costed USD$ 136million.

Looks magical at night with all the lights.

2. Nile Bridge in Uganda

Nile Bridge in Uganda
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Uganda opened East Africa's second suspension bridge after Tanzania's Kigamboni Bridge. It is in Ninja. It's 525 meters long, crosses Victoria Nile and is expected to last upto 120 years. It cost USD$112million.