How to Own a Home through the Boma Yangu Affordable Housing Programme (AHP)

Boma Yangu Affordable Housing Programme is a government-pioneered innovative project aiming at providing affordable housing units for those who have been dreaming of owning their own homes. Boma Yangu Affordable Housing Programme intends to construct affordable housing units across the country including the rural areas.

How to Own a Home through the Boma Yangu Affordable Housing Programme (AHP)
Photo/ Courtesy of Boma Yangu

The first successful batch of 1,370 housing units constructed by the Boma Yangu Affordable initiative is expected to be allocated in Nairobi, at Park Road. Some of the other allocated locations for the affordable housing program include; Kibra, Lukenya, Athi River, Pangani, Mukuru kwa Njenga. Kiambu, Mariguin, Suna Road, Eastleigh and even Bachelor’s Quarters.  

The affordable housing program offers a range of homes from bedsitters to three bedrooms that vary in size as per the preference of qualified candidates. Allocation of housing units to qualified candidates or applicants will commence once the construction of the first housing unit batch begins. However, the main question for our article stands at, how can one own a home through the Boma Yangu Affordable Housing Programme (AHP)?

For an individual to own a home through the boma yangu affordable housing program government initiative, one must first be legible for an applicant’s registration. That is, an individual can only be viable for registration in the program only if:

  • An individual is of age; eighteen years old and above
  • The individual must be a Kenyan citizen
  • The individual must have a genuine national identification card

Registering in the Boma Yangu portal is essential for the process of owning a home through the Affordable Housing Programme.

Here is the process of registration;

1.Access the Boma Yangu portal through a provided link to create an account

2.Fill in the required fields

  1. for the final step of creating the account, the applicant is expected to solve a mathematical problem in the final field. Upon solving the problem, an activation code is sent to their phone number.
  2. Activating the account

Once the applicant fills up the personal details required in the above fields, they can then proceed to select preferable housing units.

Like I said, registration is essential in the process of journeying towards owning a home through the Boma Yangu initiative. After registration is completed and each applicant’s details thoroughly checked by the chosen trustworthy stakeholders from the government and the housing unit construction begins, allocation of homes then begins on the basis of when an individual did apply, the demand for a specific housing category, family status to enable the government to grant an equal chance to every applicant.

Therefore, with the Boma Yangu Affordable Housing program, every Kenyan citizen has a chance to own their dream home despite the social category they fall under.

-Edited by Emomeri Maryanne