Why Most Africans Are Opting for Green Homes

The Coronavirus pandemic has shifted many homebuyers to energy efficiency and green homes, to a point many are willing to pay more.

Why Most Africans Are Opting for Green Homes

According to Knight Frank's Global survey 71% of African home buyers indicated the importance of energy-efficient homes as compared to a global 42%. This is per the African countries Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa, Malawi and Botswana.

Many buyers are most likely going for their second homes with the apparent need for more to live in the suburbs, more and more of them preferring a rural or country estate.

Greener homes are safe for kids and also come with a cheaper cost of living. Depending on the priorities and lifestyle a green home is more fit for family living and that's what most African home buyers have been on the lookout for with the continuous rise in the cost of living.

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Owning its own parking lot, less reduced criminal activities to excellent yards and parks are quite attractive features luring new buyers to this types of homes.

A living situation that keeps you out of the hustle and bustle of a city environment, but with a commuting distance in between the city and an hour outside the city location.

Maybe you are working in the city and living on the outside, or you just go to the city for the weekend or just to spend some time but with a living condition in a greener home further away from the tall city apartments and small manicured lawns.

A greener home offers more space at a lower cost, they are more spacious for any home project one would wish to start or house extensions when the need arises.

A greener home has more bathrooms, more bedrooms a spacious living room all at a cheaper cost as compared to the city's apartment living that requires an extra cost for extra space.

Although cities have plenty of condos and apartments out of the city are just but plenty of single homes.

The overall population residing in greener homes is not dense as compared to apartmental living thus one can find more attentive schooling for his or her kids, another peck of living in a green neighbourhood.

In more populated areas teachers often attend to thousands of kids and each is their responsibility. This is so unlikely in a green neighbourhood where the population is a little less leaving its tutors to only small group of kids. Kids attending schools in this kind of environment are also blessed with a surplus of school resources due to the number.

Green homes offer a lot of conveniences when it comes to amenities such as restaurants, and other special attractions be it a mall.

Green homes close location to the city also offers with it the option of "neighborhood collection" aa one can always pick whatever they want from the neighborhood which in this case is the city.

Green homes are more secure, and whenever it comes to a basic human need like shelter, security always is a primary concern.

Low crime rate statistics are keen data crossing many homebuyers' thoughts when going for this type of home.

No matter where you live there is a plethora of ways to meet new people. There is just a way that green homes make it easier to connect with neighbors and make a friendship out of it.

Making friendship just from PTA meetings, some neighborhood parties or just some random neighbor knocking at your door is easier to residents of the green neighbourhood.

Parking space is not something to worry about when a buyer decides to go for a green home. Be it at homework or any amenity you would like to stop by, there is always enough space in green homes and their environment.

This is something that's not easy to find in this apartment and busy streets living another reason most current home buyers would prefer to go for a green home. 

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