What One Should Look For in Student Housing

Many students fall into costly traps when renting. These nasty surprises should be avoided before deciding to rent a house. Instead, they should follow these guidelines;

What One Should Look For in Student Housing
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Many students fall into costly traps when renting. These nasty surprises should be avoided before deciding to rent a house. They should follow these guidelines;

Safety and security

Crime rates in student areas tend to be high. Security is something every student should take seriously when viewing a property. He/she should check that the doors are adequately secured. Doing a bit of research to ensure that it is safe is necessary. Ensure to check that the property has working fire alarms, extinguishers, and fire blankets in case of fire outbreaks.

Electric appliances

One should check if appliances are adequate and in working order. Ensure that there are enough appliances to cater to your needs as a tenant. Be wary of dodgy-looking plug sockets and loose cables as these are extremely dangerous.

Problems with pests

These pests infest due to previous tenants leaving food and overflowing bins lying. And as such one should not be paying for previous tenants' ignorance. Pests especially bed bugs, cockroaches pose a risk to human health and should be dealt with properly. One has to inspect the house and surfaces for shedded skin, droppings, and dark stains which could indicate cockroach excretion. Cockroaches can contaminate food, utensils, and are capable of carrying organisms that cause food poisoning.


It is one of the most important things to consider. A perfect location has a reasonable price and the proximity to the school together with essentials like shops and supermarkets. As a student, make sure you find a place that is conducive for your studies for example you should avoid noisy areas like areas near pubs.


Some of the student houses offer furniture. As a tenant, you should ensure that suitable desks and chairs are well furnished and are in good condition and order. Broken mattresses and broken springs are an indication that the house is not fit for one to live in.

Water supply

Water is an essential resource and is used for cleaning apart from cleaning. And for that reason, water should be clean and favorable for use at all costs. Poor water pressure does not make for a happy household. The toilet flush should be working as it should. This ensures consistent cleanliness around the residence ensuring a comfortable stay.


A lot of students get admitted to colleges and universities every year and this leads to either congestion or shortage of space for new students every year. A congested residence is not fit for a student who wants comfort and privacy. A student tenant considering that they want to live a comfortable life in the new residence should ensure that they look for a spacious residence so as to enjoy their stay in this new home.