What to Look for When Viewing a House

When viewing a house that you intend to purchase, ask as many questions as you want. That way, you will not only get to value for your money but also know what you are getting yourself into.

What to Look for When Viewing a House
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Most people rush into buying or renting property only to regret later when things are not to their expectations. When scouting for a new property a few things may seem so right due to the first great impression. Here a few tips to look out for when viewing a property;

Check if there is any damp

If the house looks damp this can cause problems in future that include health issues. Look out for watermarked walls and flaky plaster. The skirting board and ceilings should also be carefully looked at. Check out freshly repainted rooms, this can be a cover up for peeling paint due to dampness.

Storage space

Check out for the storage space that can be able to accommodate all your belongings. A cluttered and cramped space looks bad. A house can be good but if it has a small space then don’t go for it.

Guest room(s)

When checking out for space also check out the rooms according to your family size. If you are a person who entertain guests, then the guest room(s) should be one of the determining factors for settling for that property.

Get a second opinion

Bring someone along to view the property. The person should be able to give their honest opinion. Having a second opinion gives room for one to rethink on their first decisions.

The exterior

The first impression always matters. The exterior should be well maintained. These include the paths, drainage, pipes and the general landscape. Take time and drive by the property both at night and daytime. Have the feel of the neighborhood and the property from the outside. Check out the traffic as well.

Don’t be in a rush

Take your time to decide after checking out the property. Don’t feel pressured to buy or rent. This might be an indication of the need to dispose the property faster. Be thorough in your viewing.


Ask as many questions as you want. This is the only chance you have to get to know better. Check the bills and any other expenses so that you know what to expect. If buying, ask for receipts for any transactions done that involve the property and how the house has been modified. Once the property is bought there is always little or no chance to get your money back.

Test things if they are working

Go around the property and test out things to see if they are working. Open windows, test switches, open taps, check if the heating works and even talk to neighbors to see if it’s a friendly environment. Also you can test how long it takes to make it to work, school or market. Be practical to avoid future disappointments.

Have a second look

Viewing property involves so many things that can’t be covered in one view. Always go back and take a second or even third view as you compare and think deeply on your decisions.

Be prepared

Be ready for the viewing and know what you are looking out for. You can make a list of the things you want to see, questions you will ask and clarifications to be made. 

Be friendly

Build a good relationship with the seller from the start. As much as you need to be inquisitive don’t be rude. A good relationship will go a long way even when you are doing the actual buying or renting.

Buying a new property or renting is a very a crucial and important life time decision. Therefore, make the most out of your viewing before committing.