Travel Diaries: Why Baobab Resort Should Be in Your Travel Destination List

Travel Diaries: Why Baobab Resort Should Be in Your Travel Destination List
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Serenity, tranquility, chilling atmosphere. It’s a whole yoga session experience on its own and  quite therapeutic I must say. The beauty of mother nature will have many baffled upon sight of the white sand stretch of the Diani beach along the Indian Ocean, striking to the core of the hearts of any lovers of nature.

The beach, which is approximately 17 kilometers boasts with prowess having unique and quite marvelous creations like the coral reefs and sea species such as the dolphins and sea turtles in its warm waters alongside indigenous coastal vegetation and coconut palm trees.

Both flora and fauna a total balance of nature. It’s the ideal treat for a tourist. The renowned beach is located in South coast, Kwale County.

Do you believe in magic? If you do, Diani beach will have you blown away with its magical sceneries.  Away from nature, Diani beach has several resorts and into this week’s blog we cover the famous Baobab Resort.

Baobab Resort is one of Kenya’s most epic and interesting places to be. So, what makes Baobab Resort quite exemplary?

Recreational activities
Swimming is one of the recreational activities preset at the Baobab beach resort. This is alongside other recreational activities such as wind surfing, jet skiing, kite surfing and fishing.

The warm climate of the coast makes swimming an interesting activity especially with the impeccable view of the ocean and white sand.

The view too allows for chilling and enjoyment of the hot climate, not forgetting the chilling breeze from the ocean, bringing with it the acrid smell of the ocean, a reminder that one is at the beach.

Food can be many things other than just the normal aspect of something edible or for stomach satisfaction, the nutrition part is essential but something quite overlooked could be that food is a cultural identifier.

Enthusiasts of culture would tour the world just to learn and experience different foods of various cultures and the Coast would be an epic place to be.

Baobab resort offers exclusive Coastal dishes, such as fish, prawns, crabs, lobsters and various sea foods all prepared in Coastal recipes alongside other African dishes. 

Not to forget, Diani beach strip is filled with uncountable coconut palm trees giving it just a perfect look.

One of Coast’s wise sayings during chastising your kids is “Wazee wanaona mbali, hata ukakwea mnazi kijana haezi ona” Now that’s some pure Kiswahili right? In simple translation is that, what an old man can see while seated a young man would not see despite climbing a palm tree.

Speaking of palm trees they can get so tall, however, the treasure lies at the top of the tree, the coconut fruit known by ‘Madafu’ contains some very sweet and nutritious water, not forgetting the flesh inside which is good for nourishing one’s skin.

Being in Baobab resort you can definitely not miss to take a nature walk across the park on safe footpaths.

There is more to see in the carefully guarded nature park. The park inhabits a number of Kenya’s rear species of wildlife like the black and white colobus monkeys, baboons, a wide variety of birds and golden-elephant shrew.

While in the park you cannot miss to visit the Kaya Kinondo sacred forest, a place rich in culture embedding a lot of history in it and memories. The forest was inhabited by the Digo tribe back in time, one of the nine tribes of the Mijikenda.

The Baobab nature park is located south of the Diani beach having in it a variety of plants and indigenous trees. 

Being around nature could be the best experience ever, it’s almost like a reconnection with the back to back story of creation and a stress reliever, the beauty of mother- nature is portrayed in many ways, being at the Baobab resort and Diani beach enables you to witness some of these breathtaking appearances of nature.

The architecture of the hotel is quite accommodating and welcoming allowing visitors to have fun altogether.

Do not miss out on the fun this Festive season, spending a week from your demanding job and your routine life.

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