Bonfire Adventures Billionaires "The Kabu's" House Tour

Miss Trudy, who apparently belongs to Kabu's family, through her YouTube Channel, did us the honours of serving us a tour of the Kabu's house.

Bonfire Adventures Billionaires "The Kabu's" House Tour
Sarah Kabu and Miss Trudy (Photo courtesy)

Simon and Sarah Kabu's humility strikes you first even before their high life does. The billionaire couple who owns Bonfire Adventures, a tour and travel company, has a mansion to behold. Even though this isn't a complete house tour, the few of the places shown, have a lot to offer in terms of decor and style.  

In the video, a red Range Rover belonging to Sarah Kabu welcomes you inside the compound. Two exquisite cream seats sit at the front patio providing extra chat space separate from the living room. Walking inside the house, the classic theme grabs you and you'll notice that gold and white are mostly the preferred colours in the house.  

The wall hangings which consist of artwork, the different types of chandeliers and family pictures give the house a lively and modern feel. There are plenty of artifacts that Sarah buys from the different places they visit. We get a glimpse of the kitchen which is next to the dining area and there's nothing much to see apart from the countertops and cupboards. The dining room has a palace theme.

The kid's club is large as a studio apartment and a seat for Sarah to relax as she watches the kids play. The Kabu's also have a small home office filled with lots of portrait wall hangings. 

Sarah often uses the word small but nothing comes close to small in her house. The staircase leading to the first floor of the house has a large drop-down window. Sarah ushers us in a private room, which has a wall of fame. This is the place where she holds a very interesting conversation with Miss Trudy.  

Enjoy the tour. 

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