Architectural Similarities Between Kenyan and London's Buildings

Architectural plans have immensely evolved over the years around the globe even as developers strive to have the best designs, others try to replicate those already existing in other countries. Here as some clear evidences of the British influence in Nairobi's architectural world.

Architectural Similarities Between Kenyan and London's Buildings
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1. Big Ben
It stands at the north end of the houses of Parliament in Westminster, Central London.
Big Ben is probably the world's most famous clock. The name is frequently used to refer to both the clock and the Clock Tower. The Tower is a British cultural icon recognized all over the world and is often used to take shots of films set in London. It was designed by Augustus Pugin in neo-gothic style and was completed in 1859. The clock uses it original Victorian mechanism,but an electric motor can be used as backup.

[Big Ben on the houses of Parliament in Westminster, Central London.]

Kenyan Parliament.
Evidently,a replica of the iconic clock is here.

[The Kenyan Parliament with the similar clock.]

2. 30 St Mary Axe.
Previously known as the Gherkin. It is a commercial Skyscraper in London's Primary Financial District the city of London. Its construction started in 2001 and  was completed in December 2003 . With 41 floors,it is 180 meters tall

[30 St Mary Axe.]

One Africa Place

Also a commercial Skyscraper, providing Nairobi residents with the most iconic of business addresses.
Construction ended in 2019. It is estimated at 71.24meters above the ground with 21unique floors

[One Africa Place]

3. The Shard

Designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano,in Southwark, london,is a 95-storey skyscraper. It has 87 floors and is 310meters tall. It is a home for some of the best offices, restaurants and hotel rooms in London.

[The Shard]

Britam Tower
The tip might be a little bit different but the design is similar to The Shard's.

[Britam Tower]

Britam Tower is a commercial building owned by British-American investment company. It has 32 usable floors.