Some of the World's Tiniest Houses

Who cares if you live in a doll’s house? It is just you, your preference and your budget, right? Imagine a tiny house that allows you to open the roof and a house that you can fit into your car. Creativity can actually make you own a home without even owning land.

Kenya’s very own Ian Wafula a journalist with BBC, is proof of this. Wafula built his small house on a truck and tourists are knocking on his door trying to get a glimpse of the inside. 

(Ian Wafula's truck house)

Most out of the ordinary houses attract many people who end up spending days in them through Airbnb.

(The inside of the house)

From the above video by Top Trending, you can get ideas for your tiny house and also learn how to build one from tips offered by one of the architects. Even though the video ends with a sad story, the artistry of the tiny houses will spark your imagination.

(The pool)

If you would like to be hosted in Wafula's house, here's the link