Ten Biggest Football Stadiums in the World

All these stadia give an unforgettable experience especially in regards to sports, revenue collection, world-class facilities, great football matches and amazing fans atmosphere. 

Ten Biggest Football Stadiums in the World
ANZ Stadium [Photo/Courtesy]

Stadia are football club properties that generate millions in revenue especially due to match attendance occasioned by ticket sales. It is only in stadia that football fans meet with their club’s favourite stars. Let’s look at stadia that stand out as big ones globally:

ANZ Stadium, Capacity 82,500

This Stadium is located in Sydney, Australia. It is used by the Australian men's national football team. Originally, the Stadium was built to host the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Over time the stadium has been multi-purpose for games such as rugby, cricket, motorsports and American football. The atmosphere in the stadium makes the games exciting.

Salt Lake Stadium, Capacity 85,000

This Stadium is based in Kolkata India. It was officially opened in 1984. The enormous pitch hosts India’s National team. It made an impeccable mark in the history books when it hosted the final of the Under-17 World Cup and the attendance was 131,781.

Salt Lake Stadium [photo/courtesy]

Borg El Arab Stadium, Capacity 86,000

Africa is well represented in this list of stadia. This Stadium plays host to the famous Egyptian football team known as Pharaohs.  It was opened in 2009 and contains parking for 5,000 cars, 200 buses and an airstrip.

Bukit Jalil Stadium, Capacity 87, 411

It is found in Malaysia and was opened in 1998. It found prominence as it hosted the 1998 Commonwealth games. This stadium also conducts concerts.

Bukit Jalil Stadium [photo/courtesy]

Estadio Azteca Stadium, Capacity 87,523

Located in Mexico, it is the home of Club America and Cruz Azul. This stadium is special in many respects. First, it is the only stadium to ever host two World Cup Finals one in 1970 and the other one in 1986. Secondly, Maradona’s exploits came alive through the famous “Hand of God” goal at this venue.

Estadio Azteca Stadium [photo/courtesy]

Wembley Stadium, Capacity 90, 000

This very famous Stadium is located in London, England. Every year it has hosted multiple FA Cup matches especially the semi-finals and the finals. Wembley is undoubtedly the home of the English Premier League. Some of the clubs who have their matches here include Chelsea FC, Liverpool FC, Manchester United, Arsenal FC, Manchester City just to mention but a few. Furthermore, it also plays hosts to NFL games on a few occasions. The most recent high-octane match was the FA Cup Final 2021 that pitted Chelsea FC against their archrivals Leicester City.

Wembley Stadium [photo/courtesy]

Rose Bowl Stadium, Capacity 92,542

It is located in Pasadena, USA and has a rich history as it was opened in the year 1922. Additionally, it was the home of the LA Galaxy Football team for a number of years. This Stadium carves its name in history books of record being the only venue to host both men’s and women’s World Cups in the nineties.

First National Bank Stadium, Capacity 94,736

This magnificent stadium is located in Johannesburg, South Africa. Kaizer Chiefs hosts their matches here. This Stadium is also known as FNB or The Calabash, an African pot due to its shape. It hosts South African football team known also as the Bafana Bafana as well as the rugby teams. This Stadium is special among the South Africans as it hosted the 2010 World Cup Final between The Dutch and the Spaniards. (Netherlands and Spain)

Camp Nou, Capacity 99,354

One of the most prestigious stadiums based in Barcelona, Spain. This Stadium is home to Barcelona FC also as The Catalans. Until recently that Lionel Messi has switched allegiance and moved to the French Capital Paris to play for PSG, Camp Nou was Messi’s “bedroom” where he scored lots of goals. This Stadium was opened in 1957. Camp Nou hosts Barcelona’s La Liga matches as well as the outstanding Champions League football.

Camp Nou [photo/courtesy]

The Rungrado 1st of May Stadium, Capacity 150,000

This massively huge stadium is located in Pyongyang, North Korea. This Stadium hosts football matches of North Korea and is the least accessible to the outside world. It also hosts political rallies, especially of the Nation’s President. It was built between 1986 and 1988. Interesting to note is that this stadium also hosts military parades.

All these stadia give an unforgettable experience especially in regards to sports, revenue collection, world-class facilities, great football matches and amazing fans atmosphere. 

 -Edited Skeeter Imisa