10 Safety Precautions to Observe In Construction Sites

Construction sites are generally hazardous work environments; to the public, workers on site, and even to the environment. The following are...

10 Safety Precautions to Observe In Construction Sites
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Safety at the construction site is the number one priority. If safety is not adhered to, severe injury might occur to workers or even the public who are in proximity to the site.

These rules and safety measures will make the construction site safer and in the long run, avoid accidents.

1. Wear your PPE at all times

PPE is the first line of defense on construction sites. PPE helps avoids hazards on site. These include safety boots, gloves, protective eyewear, and a helmet. All PPE should be of the standards set by the Kenya Association of Building and Civil Engineering Contractors (KABCEC).

2. Observe the Site’s Induction Protocol

Each site has its own rules and regulations. Inductions ensure every basic safety of the construction site is well known and adhered to promptly. Additionally, induction gives guidance on do’s and don’ts in any given construction site.

3 The Site should be Sparkling Clean

Construction sites are high-risk areas for diseases and infections. A clean environment ensures workers' health is never at risk. Access routes and escape routes should be clean too to avoid stampedes, especially during emergencies such as fires.

4. Do not put yourself or others at risk

In any construction work procedure, observe safety and be keen on your colleague’s safety too. Think safe and act safely all the time. Eventually, at the construction site, you are your brother’s keeper. Responsibility should be of the highest order on the construction site.

5. Understand all safety signs and procedures

All construction workers should understand the requisite safety signs and procedures and observe them promptly. During the induction stage, all signs should be well placed on the sites in a way that they can be easily understood and accidents avoided in the long run.

6. Never work in unsafe areas

In as much as all workers are in need of a roof over their heads and food on the table, working in unsafe areas shouldn’t be the last resort for getting employment.

Working here can jeopardize your safety and cause irreparable damage. At all costs, think safety first.

7. Report defects and near misses

Reporting of all defects to the construction site supervisor should be done immediately so that accidents are avoided in the future.

8. Never tamper with equipment

Never attempt to repair a machine unless you’re competent enough for the task. If a machine is not working, report it to the site authorities immediately.

9. At all times use the right equipment

Usage of the right equipment for the right task ensures efficiency at work and saves time. Equipment in good condition ticks all the safety boxes.

10. If in doubt, always ask

If you need clarification on any matter be it tiny as it may or complex to the core, always ask your supervisor. Mistakes in the construction sites can prove costly and on the flip side can be avoided sooner rather than later.

As a construction worker, safety begins with you.

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