Real Estate Investments By 2 Richest Moguls: Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk

Real Estate Investments By 2 Richest Moguls: Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk
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Jeff Bezos

The founder of Amazon whose net worth is $ 186.6 billion as per Forbes 2020 has significantly invested in real estate.

Bezos has more than 160,000 acres of corn ranch in Texas which is currently the center of operation for his company Blue Origin. Furthermore, he has got two sumptuous homes in Beverly Hills and an estate on the lakeside which cost more than $ 25 million to renovate.

(Jeff Bezos Ranch in Texas, USA)

Amazon headquarters based in Seattle cost the tycoon a whopping $ 1.15 billion which immediately made the company one of the city’s largest property owners. Amazon took proprietorship of about ten buildings, virtually two million square feet of workspace, and pro-90,000 square feet of merchandise space. Amazon further invested in real estate costing about a quarter billion dollars.

Jeff Bezos has recently invested in more real estate which plays an immense role in his net worth due to the remarkable appreciation over the years.

Elon Musk

Elon, ‘The king of revolution’ as far as locomotion is concerned was valued at $ 147.7 billion by Forbes 2020, and again just as Jeff Bezos, Elon has vastly invested in real estate.

The Space X owner reportedly owns 7 luxurious properties in California which cumulatively quotes to almost $100 million. Elon also owns two absolute residential homes in Los Angeles’ which value around $40 million. One of the homes cost $9.5 million and the latter $30 million.

(Elon Must's home in Los Angeles, USA.)

The two opulent properties have distinct interior features making them alluring, running across a fruit orchard, grass foundry, hardwood floor, a swimming pool, a theater, tennis court amongst many more flashy features.

Elon purchased a property in Brentwood which was appreciated by about KSH 30 million in a span of 5 years on sale. Elon owns many more multimillion-dollar properties across USA contributing to his extensive wealth.