Lerruat log: The Resort on a Hill

Lerruat log resort is situated on a hill at Kumpa, Kajiado county and it is 95.7 km from Nairobi along the Nairobi- Namanga highway. The resort is inclined uphill on approximately 1 km. It is also 3km from the highway and it's accessible through an all-weather road.

Lerruat log: The Resort on a Hill
Photo/ Courtesy of Trip.com

The property is owned jointly by three family members. The resort was established in 2013 purposely as a holiday home for the family but was later modified to be what it is today. The resort kicked off with 12 rooms for a period of two years but with the high demand for rooms by visitors, there has been a gradual increase to 50 rooms in 3 years’ time.

In an interview by Wuod Maya, Mrs. Diana, one of the directors at the resort, acknowledges the help of partners as well as friends' support. On the other hand, she cites finances as the major challenge towards achieving what the resort has been able to achieve so far.

Why Visit Lerruat Log Resort?

The facility offers, among others; 

Conference rooms that have break-away areas where visitors can have a scenic view of the hill. 

(Photo courtesy of Lerruat Log Resort)

A playground with a kid’s area. The playground also allows the landing of helicopters. 

Bandas which are used for accommodation for couples or families

A bonfire area for lighting up during the chilling nights mostly on weekends.

Nyama choma area where meat roasting takes place.

A bar where the visitors have drinks.

A restaurant that offers continental cuisines for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

A massage area that offers bush massage.

Accommodation rooms fall into either standard rooms, deluxe rooms or executive suites ranging from 120 -300 dollars entailing bed and breakfast.

Ample parking space.

-Edited by Emomeri Maryanne