Mwale Medical and Technology City; A City in the Village

Residents within Kakamega County will be treated for free at the Hamptons Hospital if they have a referral from the Kakamega General Hospital.

Estimated to a cost of  2 billion US dollars, Mwale Medical and Technology City is located in Butere, Kakamega County. It is a medical and technology complex whose construction began in 2014 in three phases, divided into five districts namely Plaza, Golf, Grid, Airport and Industrial.

The center of this big city is the Hamptons Hospital which takes care of patients undergoing cancer and other ailments treatment. According to the lead investor Julius Mwale, a Kenyan technology entrepreneur and investor based in the US, Hamptons will become the biggest hospital in the world once completed. It will cover every aspect of healthcare with state-of-the-art equipment. Residents within Kakamega County will be treated for free if they have a referral from the Kakamega General Hospital.

Since its establishment, the city has been widely admired by locals and foreigners with some taking a trip to the facility.

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Senegalese-American superstar Akon has also partnered with MMTC to offer digital financial services to residents and businesses through Akoin.

Mwale Medical and technology city has attracted investors from leading companies in the world including The Female Quotient (FQ), which is set to unveil FQ Equality Co-Lab at the center.

Shelley Zalis, Founder FQ and Julius Mwale of MMTC [Photo Courtsey]

Plaza District

The plaza district has a supermarket, Hamptons Café Bed & Breakfast, private residential homes of approximately 100,000sq feet, the Hamptons Hospital with a capacity of 5,000 beds which has the cancer center in operation and the whole hospital is estimated to take in 12,000 patients.

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Also in the plaza is the technology park estimated to employ 10,000 scientists and engineers. Some of the scientific and technological works here include the development of advanced healthcare technologies like nanobots for use by diabetic patients, mobile communication and artificial intelligence.

Airport District

A convention center, a private international airport and a 35-acre Disney-style water park make up the Airport District. All these facilities are connected to the Hamptons Hospital via a cable car which allows one to also view Mt. Elgon.

With the cable car, one can access the Grid District, Golf District and finally the Plaza District. This reduces travel time around the city, reduces air pollution and increases productivity in workers.

The airport is for drop-off and pick-up of passengers visiting the city to tour or seek medical services.

Hamptons Convention Center is designed within a  465,000sq meter space with four auditoriums, two concert halls, 24 conference rooms, two lecture halls, 12 meeting rooms and an exhibition hall for trade shows. The exterior of the convention center has a resort with 1,500 apartment residences and 2,000 hotel rooms.

The water park sits on a 35-acre piece of land has 6 splash pools and 12 swimming pools.

Grid District

It is called the Grid because it forms a grid as it runs 3 kilometers from the First, Second, Third Streets and continues to the Twelfth Street. It has 3- 4 bedroomed marionettes and 5 -7bedroomed mansions.

Residents can move freely late into the night as the roads have solar street lights.

Golf District

The Golf District has a 36 hole Hamptons Championship Golf Course which is the largest in Africa. There are also 4,800 homes for doctors, nurses and other residents in the city.

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A private bar and restaurant, a spa, pool, tennis court and fitness center are among the relaxation amenities set to attract golfers.

 Industrial District

This will host 144 Megawatt waste-to-energy power plants and other pollution-free industries and manufacturers.

Medical and municipal waste will be recycled here to produce electricity and resident companies will benefit from the low cost of electricity from the power plant and also employment.

It is said that the success of MMTC is due to the involvement of the locals from its inception and many have donated their land in this project which will benefit the whole community.

Mwale Medical and Technology City has created employment with an estimated 20, 000 workers when fully completed. 9,000 workers will be in the Hamptons Hospital with pay of Kshs. 400,000-800,000 for doctors and Kshs. 150,000-400,00 for nurses depending on experience and specialty.

Edited by Emomeri Maryanne

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