Old Town: The Best Town to Visit in Mombasa

Old Town is one of the most esteemed heritage sites in Mombasa, Kenya. The area sits on approximately 72 hectares, inhabited by a richly diverse group of communities

Old Town: The Best Town to Visit in Mombasa
A deserted street in Old Town, Mombasa, Kenya. /Courtesy

The old town is situated on the southeast side of Mombasa Island. It covers an area of 72 hectares, it is inhabited by many ethnic groups like Arab, Asian, Portuguese, and British settlers.

(A file photo of Old Town in Mombasa, Kenya)

One of the interesting things about old town is it has many attraction sites and one of the sites is Fort Jesus.

In 1997, the old town and fort Jesus were submitted by the national museums of Kenya to UNESCO requesting to be selected to be in list of world heritage sites.

One of the attraction sites in old town is Fort Jesus and is located on Mombasa island.

(A file image of Fort Jesus in Mombasa, Kenya)

It was built between 1593 and 1596. The Fort was built at time when Portugal was the ruler of Mombasa, it was used by the Portugal military to fight their enemies. In 1958 Fort Jesus was declared to a national park and in 2011 it was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO and recognized as one of the most outstanding and well-preserved example of 16th century Portuguese military fortification.

Many of these buildings, like Fort Jesus, still exist, in beautifully carved doors as well as elegantly styled balconies attached to their turn of the century facades.

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