9 Perfect Alternative Options to Use on Your Windows Instead of Curtains

In as much as curtains have for ages shown a sense of style and décor, the following options offer the best alternatives to them.

9 Perfect Alternative Options to Use on Your Windows Instead of Curtains

The great design that takes place in ensuring windows look spectacular means usage of curtains for the long-term won’t suffice.

In as much as curtains have for ages shown a sense of style and décor, the options that we shall look at offer the best alternatives to curtains. These options are budget-friendly. These options include the following:

1. Window Blinds

Window blinds are a great option for usage especially in incorporating ventilation. Blinds are easy to use and install. Additionally, to remove dirt they are wiped down. Blinds require less maintenance as compared to curtains. Furthermore, cordless blinds infuse natural light easily and this helps save electricity usage.

2. Window Clings and Decals

Window clings are creatively made and as a form of art make the interior design of the living room standout. The window clings change entirely the appearance of your windows.

The different styles that constitute the window clings include the following: frosted glass, repeating patterns, and stained glass. The repetitive patterns of the plastic butterflies in different colors while on a specific unique arrangement make the window clings and decals beautiful and appealing.

It is important to note that the window clings and decals complement the ordinary interior design décor.  Window clings should be replaced over time as the material may degrade and lose its authentic quality while the color may fade. 

3. Hanging Beads

Beads offer a very cheap alternative to curtains usage. In dressing up the window, beads look very colorful. Additionally, beads are easy to make and install. Beads come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and lengths.

In the same vein, beads can be used in any room of the house. Beads usage is also a wonderful source of natural light. Its cheap maintenance means that beads can be used creatively and in many forms to make the “curtains” look amazing.

4. Fabric Sheets

The unique color patterns of the fabric sheets make the decoration of the windows appealing and stylish. In addition to the décor of the room, fabric sheets make the room warm and cozy.

It is interesting to note that the color of the fabric sheets can be matched with the pillowcase of the sofa and seats in the living room. Fabric sheets are easy to clean and soft enough to avoid scratches. Furthermore, fabric sheets ensure the window frames insulate natural light very well.

5. Windows Quilts

The make of window quilts is designed in a way that they can be rolled up and down. They are efficient usage ensures regulation of too much sun and heat. Their different patterns mean that they would look creative and artistic on the window panes. Window quilts do have amazing insulating properties. For residents in urban centers, window quilts work well in reducing noise.

6. Windows Films

Window films like all other alternative options to curtains are a great source of natural light. During summer, window films block out excessive sunlight. In residential apartments or homes where homeowners are not using blinds, window films are a great alternative.

Additionally, they can be used to protect mounts, frames, and furniture from the wear and tear due to excessive and direct sunlight. Window films are an ideal choice for office use as they avoid distractions at work but still allow adequate natural light.

7. Decorative Wood Panels

Another name for decorative wood panels is Wainscoting. The decorative wood panels as the name suggest can have elements of design and décor from artistic patterns to wall art, mount, frame, and drawings.

The appearance of the wood panel makes the room feel “spacious”. The advantage of its usage is that it’s not ideally suited for just the wall or “curtain location”. They can be used in the kitchen, corridor, and workout area. The numerous design and styles to choose from wood panels make the choice creative, appealing, artistic, and unique.

One can never go wrong with a decorative wood panel. On the flip side, for those starting out in the interior design of their homes, decorative wood panels are a great place to begin the interior décor.

8. Metal Screens

Metal screens are used sparingly since their appearance is unique and bold. Additionally, metal screens are a great option to add drama and visual interest to windows. Metal screens are also used in pet houses where the animal is unfriendly or aggressive.

9. Rolling Screens

Rolling screens are easier to maintain since they don’t attract a lot of dust. They are durable and long-lasting. They are rolled down to prevent dust from accumulating in the house. A retractable window screen is simple to install and also looks attractive on the window.

It fits very well in small window frames. Additionally, it can be used in spacious windows to infuse fresh air from outside. Due to their versatility, they can be used in different rooms.

The shift from curtains will take center stage in the years to come. These alternatives will ensure the design of the windows is classy, impressive, great in design, and simple in installation. In covering windows without curtains, interior design is made “richer” and “unique.” Furthermore, these options will make the living room cozy and warm.

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