How Ksh82 Billion Thwake Dam Will Bring Life in Ukambani

The construction of Thwake dam, a Vision 2030 flagship project, is jointly funded by the national government and the African Development Bank. The dam is set to serve...

How Ksh82 Billion Thwake Dam Will Bring Life in Ukambani
A picture of Thwake dam being under construction.

For a long time, people from Ukambani and especially from Kitui and Makueni have been traveling for long distances in search of water.

Water in Ukambani has been a big issue for people but now, their problem is nearing the end. Thwake dam is expected to solve the long problem that has over the years affected thousands.

Thwake multi-purpose dam project is the project that is expected to increase the supply of water in Makueni county and other parts of Ukambani. The dam is expected to increase the storage of water for rural and urban domestic use, irrigation, and livestock to people in semi-arid Kitui and Makueni counties. 

Thwake is being built on the Athi River in Kenya. It is meant to be a multi-purpose dam that will be providing drinking water, agricultural irrigation water, hydropower, and other uses for human beings.

Water storage of Thwake is around 681 cubic meters. The project will cost the government Ksh42 billion and is being built by the China Gezhouba Group Company.

The project will cover  2 900 ha connecting Makueni, Kitui to Mbooni district with a catchment spanning about 10, 272 km2 reaching as far as Ngong hills, Kikuyu escapement, and the lower reaches of the Aberdares.

The project will serve people from locations of Mavindini, Kanthuki, Kitise, Kathonzweni, Kithuki, and Mbuvo in Makueni district and other areas of Kibwezi district downstream of the dam site as well as parts of Kitui district that are favored by the topography of the project site. 

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