Laikipia County Adventure Bucketlist

Laikipia is a county that is located on the Laikipia plateau, and is surrounded by Mount Kenya, Aberdare ranges and the Loldaiga hills. It harbors some of the towns that are rapidly growing including Nanyuki and Rumuruti towns

Laikipia County Adventure Bucketlist

Laikipia county leisure sites bucketlist

The county is known for beef farming and is gradually becoming a center of interest for real estate investors. This has necessitated the need for luxury and adventures places in the county. In this article, we will find out some of the places where Laikipians can visit for leisure and adventure.

Olpejeta conservancy

It was established in the early 1940’s by among other settlers, Lord Delamere. It was an established beef ranch. Some of the founders were much concerned with the increased  poaching which led to decrease of wild animals, and these made them establish sweet waters game reserve in 1988. In 2003, olpejeta conservancy was purchased by the Fauna and Flora international. However, the running of olpejeta is undertaken by the olpejeta ranching ltd.

Today, olpejeta conservancy is one of the tourist attraction sites in Laikipia as well as a leisure site for those residing around the area. The  conservancy is endowed with many species of wild animals including the big five. The conservancy covers over 90,000 acres of land hence a good place for game drive. Mount Kenya is clearly visualized from the conservancy.

Thompson falls

It is also called the Nyahururu falls and is located on Ewaso Ng’iro river which is only a few kilometers from lake Ol Bolossat. It is 74 meters high which makes it the 3rd tallest water fall in Kenya. It is surrounded by curio shops hence a nice site for tour shopping. There are numerous affordable accommodation facilities.

Mount Kenya wildlife conservancy and animal orphanage

It is located just at the foot of Mount Kenya and was purposely established with the goal of nurturing, rehabilitating as well as safeguarding animals that were exposed to poaching. The conservancy is a home to many wild animals including ofallst the most beautiful but endangered antelopes the mountain bongo. The conservancy offers accommodation to visitors, golfing and other spots among many other luxury services. The conservancy also offers orphanage services to the injured and sick wildlife.

Ol jogi wildlife conservancy

The is strategically located in the Laikipia plateau and sits on 60,000 acres of land which offers a wide area for game view. The conservancy offers among other activities such as day and night game drives, walking safaris and riding safaris. The facility offers accommodation services to the visitors. It is also a home to hundreds of animals including the big five.

In conclusion, Laikipia offers a wide number of leisure destinations, and therefore, this is making investors are massively concentrating in real estate investment.