Importance of Plants in your Home

Indoor plants not only bring beauty to our living spaces but are also very essential in our everyday life. As studies show, they have a great impact on our lives, thus people are urged to embrace them. Here are the importance of plants in your home.

Importance of  Plants in your Home
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1. Reduces both Physiological and Psychological Stress.

Plants help reduce stress levels and fatigue. It eases mental fatigue by helping us relax and focus. This decreases our levels of anxiety and leads us to be productive.

2.It is an Air Purifier.

Indoor plants help by filtering out nasty chemicals and toxins when they absorb them and this leads to clean and fresh air. This is made possible by the process of photosynthesis where plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the air.

3.It Helps Improve Productivity and Creativity.

This is made possible due to the reduced stress levels, fatigue and anxiety and thus we end up becoming more productive and creative and we do so much that we couldn't have done when stressed.

4.An Aid to Patients Recovering from Surgery.

Most patients with indoor plants around them respond to medication positively since they would have less stress, reduced anxiety and fatigue and they get better faster compared to those with no plants around them.

5.It acts as a Therapy.

This is when plants make one happy and they end up buying them whenever they feel bad.

Here are examples of indoor plants.

1.Snake Plant.

Its name comes from its thin, upright leaves that have irregular banding that is like a snake's skin. It can survive in dim light levels and drought seasons. It helps to purify the air in the house by filtering out nasty chemicals.


It grows small and then its vines grow long. It's easy to grow and can also purify the air in the house.

3.Spider Plant.

They are easy to care for and mostly need bright light, they need to be kept in a room with big windows. It is also an air purifier and it is pet friendly.