Digital Billboards: Unexplored Real Estate Investment

Investing in digital billboards is an opportunity that is yet to be explored by Kenyans whereas it has the potential to accrue huge returns.

Digital Billboards: Unexplored Real Estate Investment

The digitalization of systems in recent years has seen the growth and evolution of advertising as they incorporate digital billboards.

Whereas social media advertising has taken root in this era, digital billboard advertising is an area where Kenyans are yet to fully embrace and utilize.

Unknown to most brands, digital billboards aren't just for the high-end brands with big pockets as they have over time become considerably affordable.

Besides their affordability, digital billboards offer an array of advantages over traditional marketing campaign billboards. Some of them include:

Advertise and Entertain

Most persons, when stuck in traffic, would either doze off due to exhaustion that comes from running around the busy city or opt to scroll through their phones while getting impatient by the minute.

I have been one of those people. Some days, I could be stuck in traffic for up to 3 hours.

After scrolling through social media, I would then plug in my earphones and put on some music. Then,  I would look outside and see the billboards. At that moment, I wish if only they were moving pictures instead of the static ones that I am seeing, maybe they not only could be trying to get me to buy their products but also entertain me as I am stuck in that traffic. 

Finally, Instead of staring at the same image for 3-hours, it would be amazing if the digital billboards could incorporate other entertaining features such as music videos. One could not only be informed of the products and services being advertised but also be entertained.

Win Win-Win

The councils in charge can take advantage of economy of scale. Instead of renting it to one business a month, digital billboards give the advantage of being able to rent the space to several businesses to market their products and brands to run influential posts.

Hence have multiple streams of income from multiple businesses, at intervals of short periods.

Instead of renting the space for a minimum of three weeks or so for thousands of shillings, businesses can pay less for their ads to run weekly or daily depending on the contract making it affordable and profitable.

This will ensure that there is a win for all; the investor, the businesses and companies, and the customers stuck in traffic or passing by.

Ways of Investing in Digital Billboards

You can invest in the stock exchange in a public company that specializes in outdoor advertising.

You can also partner with existing companies by contributing equity for their expansion or technology upgrade in exchange for proceeds from their business.

Finally, one can opt to buy or lease the billboard space.

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