Best Valentine Gifts For A Real Estate Agent

Here are some of the best Valentine gifts to offer to a real estate agent whether he/she is your friend, your partner, your parent your or relative.

Best Valentine Gifts For A Real Estate Agent

The Real Estate Industry majorly depends on new technology and thus it's important to know which technology and trends are worth watching in the next few years. Here are some best Valentine gifts to offer a real estate agent, whether he/she is your friend, your partner, your parent, relative or whomever it all depends on your budget. You can choose either one or all of them ;

1.Apple Watch.

It has always been one of the hottest items in the market ever since it was released. This watch sport has lots of benefits from improving productivity to tracking one's health. It costs almost $499 depending on the model and case, these cases can be aluminum, stainless steel or titanium.It has apps that fascinates one and they include;

  • Apple Maps.

This is a pre-installed app on your watch, that gives you turn-by-turn directions to your location thus you'll never get lost on your way to meet with an important client.

  • Around Me.

This helps when one is out with their clients and is not familiar with the area that they are in, yet they are supposed to be an expert. It solves the problem by telling one what exactly is in the area, be it a school, a hospital and so forth.

  • Dart.

Another productive app that answers 90% of emails using pre-filled text letting you respond to important messages as quickly as possible. This saves time and labour.

  • Streaks.

This app helps one manage and track their goals and helps one complete an activity they were doing. This helps to motivate one and they will end up accomplishing their goals.

2. 3-D Home Tour.

Matterport is a standing camera that turns ordinary listing photos into a virtual home tour. It costs around $4500.It's an outstanding way to entice buyers who are either far away or are very busy to come in for home tours. It helps a lot in the real estate industry.

3.Tablet Computer.

This costs from around $1000 to almost$1500 depending on how much memory you want. It is important because of the mobile environment that real estate agents work. The portability of the tablet is perfect for the real estate industry. It creates opportunities for paperless projects and can be used for open houses, listing presentations and buyer consultations regardless of where you are.

4.Portable Scanner.

It costs around $129.98 depending on its performance. A real estate transaction can be tiring due to paperwork and thus portable scanner allows you to digitize photos, signed forms, or business cards and this helps as one will rarely misplace important documents.