How To Decorate Your Home For Christmas

How To Decorate Your Home For Christmas
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How To Decorate Your Home For Christmas

Decorating for Christmas is not a common practice in most African homes, however, few individuals have started doing the Christmas decor in their homes. 

This used to be common in places like shopping malls but now, most Kenyan Youtubers do a Christmas décor for their houses.

If you are planning to do Christmas décor for the first time, here are some few easy steps that will guide you.

Step 1: Pick a colour

The first step is  pick a colour for your Christmas decor, for hundreds of years red and green have been the traditional colours for Christmas, other colours such as black, gold ,silver, purple and blue can also work when combined well. 

Step 2: Put up a Christmas tree

Adding a Christmas tree is the easiest and fastest way to add that Christmas mood to your home.

The tree can be big, small, silver, gold or just a tiny rosemary plant it doesn’t matter. Having the tree alone is the number one way of ensuring that your home is set for the holiday season.

Christmas ornaments can be made by hand or bought then added to the tree in order to decorate it. Most of these Christmas décor can be shopped for in any stores such as house of leather.

Step 3: Hang up a Christmas wreath

Can be hanged on your front door but they also look great inside.

You can find great sales of them at the stores or you can also make them out of natural elements.

You can simply hang a plain pine needle wreath with a ribbon to it to give it a holiday vibe or add other Christmas ornaments to it.

Step 4: Put some throw blankets and pillows.

You don’t have to shop for new pillows, you can just buy pillow covers that match the colour of your Christmas décor and put it up, whether it’s gold, green, red or any other holiday colour, adding pillows is a great way to add warmth to your entire Christmas décor.

Throw blankets can be bought or you can use any other that you have as long as it is within the Christmas décor that you are working with.

Step 5: Make simple holiday inspired pieces

With just some few elements these pieces will add to the general décor of your house and bring that Christmas mood.

Use your creativity as well as the pieces that you already have. The pieces can be few candles, small Christmas tree, a wreath.

Step 6: Wrap Christmas gifts

Add Christmas gifts and place it under the Christmas tree in order to add the thrill to your holiday décor.

There are very many ways of wrapping these Christmas gifts and you can even wrap unreal boxes to look like Christmas gifts and place them under the tree.

Step 7: Let’s go to the dining room.

Add some Christmas décor to your dining room by simply adding a centerpiece of candles and some greenery and any other centerpiece of your choice as look as it goes with the overall colour of your Christmas décor.

Step 8: Light some candles

With the cold Nairobi weather, (I don’t know about other parts of the country) but lighting the candles will set a warm and cozy mood for the Christmas holiday.

These candles will also look great at the centerpieces on the tables and as a bonus they will also add a great smell to your house.

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