Types of Windows Based on How They Open

Types of Windows Based on How They Open

Other than categorizing  window types according to where they are located, they can also be categorised based  on how they open. These are;

Bay and bow windows

Bay windows comprise of three windows of different sizes. They have a rounded appearance from the outside. This is different from the bow windows which have from three to six windows of equal sizes and similarity in shape which produce straight lines.

These windows are fixed on the exterior wall of a house hence having a protruding appearance. They can be easily combined with other types of windows hence a desirable option.


  • They allow for natural lighting as well as air circulation.
  • There are very many varieties of designs for this window.
  • They add value to a property.
  • They create space since they protrude to the outside.


  • It is tiresome when replacing.
  • Have a high repair and maintenance cost.
  • It is almost impossible for installation of hardware on these windows.

Casement windows 

These are windows that have gaiwindiwot of popularity in the last few years. They include casement windows, which operate by turning a crank. The features such as ease in tiding the windows.They have excellent ventilation as well as ease of customizing, make the design ideal for modern houses in hot environments. They open outwards and can be used to direct a breeze into the building.


  • They are easy to operate.
  • The outward opening facilitate ventilation as well as enhancing view.
  • The fixed panes are energy efficient as well as secure.
  • They can be easily customized to suit various style.


  • They cannot work together with the central air conditioning.
  • They can be huge and bulky to transport.
  • Storm windows and screens cannot be used.
  • They experience mechanical problems.

Picture windows 

They are used with in combination with other types of windows for an attractive aesthetics. They replace the opaque doors as well as walls. 


  • They mminimizing windows cement cost since there are no mechanical parts involved.
  • They promote lighting as well as heating.
  • They require low maintenance since they do not open and close .


  • They cannot be used for conditioning the air hence unsuitable in hot climates.
  • They hinder ventilation

Awning window  

They are almost comparable to the casement windows with the exemption of the hinges on the top. They enhance proper ventilation and natural lighting since they open outwards. They best suit confined places such as bathrooms or kitchens.


  • They maximize on ventilation since they are fixed higher on the wall keeping away rain water.
  • They are suitable for homes in wet and damp climates since they are weather tight.
  • They can easily combine with other window types.


  • They easily get dirty and hence frequent cleaning.
  • They are not good for emergence escape use.

Sliding windows

These windows slide either horizontally or vertically to allow the entrance of natural light and air. Their lengths are at most times shorter than the widths. These windows are most suitable in bedrooms


  • They last for longer periods of time.
  • They are cost effective.
  • They are available in different sizes.
  • They are easy to clean.
  • They are easy to maintain


  • They are prone to air leaks.
  • They are available in very few varieties of colors.
  • They require regular cleaning