How To Decorate the House For Someone Special This Valentines

Valentines Day is just a couple of days away now and before you know it, it will be here. As it approaches, almost everyone is trying to find exciting ways and stuff to honour their loved ones. Flowers and gifs have become random and perhaps it's time to extend it a little more Decorating your house for someone special. The decor can be bought or one can do it themselves.

How To Decorate the House For Someone Special This Valentines
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1. At The Entrance

(a) Welcome Mat/Rug

Use Valentine's day themed welcome mat for both doors, the front and back. This is a great way to show your love for everyone that comes in. Your mat can have images of hearts and messages of love. This would ensure the guests feel loved.

(b) Staircase decor

You can buy an amazing garland and decorate your staircase with it hanging over. This would make your house beautiful. Putting on the light would make it more romantic. Buy a garland with more greenery and lots of flowers.

2. In the Living Room

(a) Pillows and Throw Blankets

One can never go wrong with the pillow and throw blanket decorations. They are the little details in the house that can make a big difference. They add sweet comfort to your home and show love. Getting one with messages of love can be romantic.

(b) Fire Place Mantel

This is the centre of attraction in the living room and decorating it would be so romantic. You can add flowers on it, either natural or paper, also add beautiful garlands, a stylish love letter, picture frames, candlesticks and so forth. All this would make your mantel look great.

3. In the Kitchen

(a) Coffee Mugs, Potholders and Tea towels.

Use mugs with love expressions, you can do it yourself and it's easy. Make sure they appear romantic. Decorated potholders always make the kitchen lovely. Use one with messages of love. Kitchen towels when decorated make one's kitchen pretty. All this would add a touch of love to your kitchen.

4. Artificial Rose Petals

You can get it from the stores and spread it on the floor to make your day more romantic. Sprinkle it anywhere you want.

5. Heart-Shaped Candles 

You can use either red, pink or any other colour you like. They bring a romantic sense to your house. They are so sweet and simple.

7. Wrapped presents

Just like for the Christmas seasons, this can also be used for the Valentines. Wrap up gifts for your loved ones and you can give them on the big day or even before or after.