Sites Realtors Should Think of When Investing in Kisumu Town

Sites Realtors Should Think of When Investing in Kisumu Town
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Kisumu, is a port city well known for its Serene allocation near a lake. It habours a great population due to its locality and tourism sites. Not only the great lakes Victoria, but also the great kit mikayi, Impala sanctuary and hippo points act as the key attraction point. With an active and functional international airport, moving in and out of this town is never a problem. Recent devolution has really expanded the growth of this town and investors are crawling in to set up sites and buildings but this are the major hotspot if you are planning on investing in kisumu town.

1. Riat areas

Riat has been one of the estates that it's population has been boosted due to institution development. Riat training institute has been the major source of tenants, here making Riat areas a nice place to situate your bedsitters apartments and single bedroom. It has quick easy cash on school days, witha slight drop when schools close. It has an easy access to town and transportation is majorly through cab and matatus.

2. Lolwe area

It has been know for its old colonial buildings with a few modern looks. It is in between migosi estate (the estate for the Noble) and kisumu polytechnic making its population big. This a nice spot for realtors who want to bring in a new modern look in town, it will really be a nice competition as compared to the old town look that's crowded all over this estate.

3. Kisian

Kisian is all along, Kisumu Maseno highway, way past the kisumu international airport. It's a good location for a peaceful home away from the busy noise from town. It's Rocky evergreen nature make it amole for hotels and resorts as well. It as a relatively low population and often termed as the rich village for the wealthy and the old. For the uptown clubs and spas, kisian is the place to think of too. It has a wide lake view and lots of golf field making it the perfect place to think of when home ever cross your mind.

4. Kibos areas

It's a good fifty Kenyan shillings price by a matatu from the CBD, a nice drive from town. It is located almost to the suburbs, with plenty of thickets and unclaimed land, really a good place to locate your industry or even a company. For investors who want to save up on rentals and heavy town taxes, kibos is the place to be not far from town but also not close to incur the heavy prices one meets in  order to start up an industry. Kibos though far displaced has quite a good population, from the busy honking matatus is a clear sign this place got life.

5. Milimani areas

This one of the Noble places in kisumu town. Though it has long been here, it is still not as well developed as the Runda of Nairobi. If we'll invested on it can be the talk of East Africa being that it's quite a good view from the lake. It has a lot of modern buildings and it's investors are rich and wealthy hence it has no ghetto looks at all. Alot of white men settle in this area making it an hotspot for the young and rich generation. Due to the few malls in this area, many of the residents rely on the United mall located in town to shop for their goods and get services.

6. Polyview estates

This one of the kisumu national polytechnic beneficiary I can say. A good number of residents here are scholars from this institution or even lecturers. Investors reallyajor on small divided rooms apartments with shared bathrooms and kitchenette anything to keep a roof over the students head. It has a good market being that it's a walk from the institution and the pricing is relatively low. For fast foods and small wines and spirits kiosk this the place to make it boom.