Luxury Estates In Nairobi

Nairobi is home to some of the richest people not only in the country but also in the continent. This, therefore, means that Nairobi is also home to some of the most affluent and luxurious estates. 

Luxury Estates In Nairobi
House No. 12 Magnolia Hills
Luxury Estates In Nairobi


Located around 4 kilometers northeast of the Nairobi City Center, Muthaiga is often considered Nairobi's most prestigious residence. Muthaiga is largely surrounded by the Karura Forest giving it a serene feel away from the hustle and noise of the city. It is home to the wealthy and the elite. In addition, it is popular with most expatriates and ambassadors. According to an article by Mansion Global, land prices in Muthaiga range from around KES 160-200 million per acre. House prices can be up to KES 100 million. 


Getting its name from Danish author Karen Blixen, Karen is a lush suburb lying southwest of Nairobi CBD. It borders the Ngong Forest. Karen is home to the Hub, Waterfront Mall and the Giraffe Manor. People are attracted by the tranquil environment and the nature that surrounds it. It was ranked in the top ten luxury hotspots in the wealth report 2018 by Knight Frank. The average price of land per acre is KES 52 million. In addition, the average price to buy a house is KES 200 million and to rent is about KES 350,000 per month. 


The name Runda stands for Reserved United Nations Development Area. Runda is an affluent suburb estate located in Nairobi. It is bound by the Karura Forest. Due to its proximity to the UN offices in Gigiri and other foreign embassies, it attracts a lot of expatriates and foreign nationals. Runda is home to East Africa's largest mall, The Two Rivers Mall, Village Market, and The Lord Errol. A half an acre plot goes for around KES 50 million. To buy a house will cost you around KES 150 million while renting one goes for KES 300,000 per month. 


Gigiri is one of the fastest-growing areas in Nairobi located near Karura National Park. Gigiri hosts several United Nations offices making Nairobi the only African city to host several United Nations bodies. This attracts people to Gigiri due to security. The average price of 5 bedroom house will go for around KES 150 million while rent goes for KES 200,000 to 450,000 per month. 


Rosslyn is located between Redhill Road and Limuru Road. It is surrounded by other palatial estates such as Runda, Kitisuru and Nyari. Rosslyn also hosts The Rosslyn Riviera Mall and the Rosslyn Academy. Most houses range from KES 80-180 million while renting costs around KES 300,000 per month. 


Kitisuru is another affluent residential suburb located in the outskirts of Westlands making it a high-class commercial and residential area. Kitisuru is also home to Kenya's most expensive and luxurious house. The home also referred to as 'House No. 12 on Magnolia Hills' built by architect Mehraz Ehsani, goes for a whooping KES 650 million. Despite this, houses in Kitisuru are quite affordable compared to others on the list as houses go for as low as KES 10 million per unit,although the price varies according to location.

5:Nyari Estate

Nyari is adjacent to Gigiri and Westlands making it a very secure place. It is an upscale and highly controlled estate that does not allow public vans and also controls any form of private car driving in the estate. An acre of land goes for around 100-200 million shillings while a 6 bedroom house can go for 180 million shillings. Renting a house goes for 300- 450, 000 per month. 

-Edited by Emomeri Maryanne