How to Obtain Licenses in The Investment Sector

Investing is a way of keeping the profits gained from a company to be safe perhaps for future use when needed.

How to Obtain Licenses in The Investment Sector
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Investment activity involves contributing funds to investment facilities, as well as other actions that are aimed at gaining profit.

Licensing of investment activities is necessary for the management of investment funds and pension, non-governmental funds, as well as the activities of specialized depositories of such funds.

In Kenya, for you to obtain an investment license you have to follow the following procedures:

1. Fill the Investment Application Form.

2. Engage Legal advice in Kenya to be safe.

3. Do register your business.

4. Submit the application form and the certificate of Incorporation and the articles also a memorandum of association to KenInvest.

5. Issue of the Investment Licence.

The above procedures are eligible for both domestic and international investors.

-Edited by Emomeri Maryanne

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