House Renovation Tips

Always prepare your mind as you are going to live in discomfort during the renovation period. However, always be positive that at the end of all these you will have a comfortable house to stay in.

House Renovation Tips

People renovate their houses for various reasons that include making the house look beautiful and feel more comfortable. You can decide to hire an architecture or take charge of the project and do it yourself.



The first and important task before renovation is planning. Have a laid out plan on how you want the end product to look like.  Create a clear vision of what you want in mind.



Renovating a house can be expensive but it doesn’t need to be more expensive than building a house; that is the reason you are renovating anyway. It is therefore important for you to decide on the amount you want to spend in the renovation. Do not overestimate your budget, keep it underestimated then work on researching for the things you need.



Research widens your scope. After budgeting, you will be able to meet your cost when you research hence having options to choose from within your budget without forcing you to overspend. For example, stores price differently for the items they sell, so having several will help you choose a price that is pocket friendly.



The plan has the end goal of the renovated house. This plan details how you will work on every area to make the renovation successfull. Divide the house in small working areas such as bedroom, bathroom, livingroom to make the work easier. It will be tiresome to work just anywhere as this may leave you stranded in some areas. Also choose which room to start with or what work to be done when.


After going through these important steps before renovation, how then do you go about the actual renovation?



Renovating floors can a bit expensive especially if you are working on a tight budget. If the floor is still in a good condition, then consider working on the rest of the renovation to suit the existing floor design.



Doors create the first impression. If you cannot change your door completely or it is still in good condition, then consider repainting it. Use different shades according to the concentration of light in your house.



Light comes through the window. When renovating your house go for large windows. If you are limited in changing the windows, then work with paint. Use paint that has a lighter shade than the rest of the room to maximize the light that comes through the window.


Paint Affects Lighting

Painting affects lighting and when renovating you might decide to use a different paint. If you are on a tight budget opt for black and white as you can never go wrong with these.


Small Rooms

If the purpose to renovate is to make the house look bigger, then go for mirrors. Mirrors have a way of making a space look bigger than the actual size.



When renovating de-cluttering comes in automatically. This will help you utilize your kitchen to the maximum. You can DIY (Do It Yourself) kitchen cabinets from recycled material in your house, or purchase those going at a pocket friendly price. If you already have cabinets then you don’t need to replace them but you can repaint.



There are a lot of inexpensive products that you can use to spruce up your bathroom. If you have no plans to install any new item, you can change the paint, the pressure shower and cabinets.


During renovation things will definitely not be in order. For instance, you might need to push furniture somewhere else in order to paint, disconnect electricity to make certain installation, dust and exhaustion. However, always be positive that at the end of all these you will have a comfortable house to stay in.