Governor Rasanga's Pride: Siaya's Ksh75Million County Government Offices

Siaya County government offices are considered one of the best legacies the county governor leaves behind upon the completion of his term.

Governor Rasanga's Pride: Siaya's Ksh75Million County Government Offices
Siaya County Offices. Photo/Courtesy

Siaya County has one of the best administrative offices of all the county governments. The offices are located along Siaya-Luanda Road.

They were constructed under the leadership of Governor Cornel Rasanga. The construction is considered one of the best legacies he will leave behind as the head of the county.

The county government offices are a three-storey building in which the governor and the chief of staff occupy the second floor. The governor’s boardroom which is on the same floor has a capacity of about 50 people.

The county secretary, the executive in charge of governance, the county attorney, and other senior administrators occupy the first floor.

The compound is well constructed with entry paths well-built. There is enough parking for all the administrative staff and the important visitors for any administrative activity.

Flowers are planted along the paths and along the walls built as a security fence with a beautiful gate and a security house at the gate area for management of those who are entering or leaving the office's premises.

The offices are a Ksh75 million project that was launched in 2019 to address the challenge of inadequate office space.

“About 200 county staff, among the all the chief officers and department directors have been working in a makeshift office,” said Governance minister Dismas Wakala.

Governor Rasanga, his Deputy Governor James Okumbe, and their staff had been operating from the old office where mayors in the old system administration were based.

The offices have been of a great impact to the people of Siaya as now they can get all the administrative help in the built office. Mr. Wakala also notes that the county government has used a conservative figure for the office project because it needed to free up resources for other developments.

County Assembly Joseph Ogutu says that the office spaces have been partitioned using glass as part of the efforts to enhance transparency. He adds that they want offices that will enhance accountability and transparency.

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