Emerging Neighbourhoods in Nairobi

Due to crowding and congestion in the capital city, there is a need to relocate to the suburbs of Nairobi.

Emerging Neighbourhoods in Nairobi
[File image of Kilimani Neighborhood. Photo/Courtesy]

Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya, is always busy with economic activities and people in general are striving to earn their living. People come in and out the Kenya’s capital city because of business and job-related issues.

Due to the crowding and congestion in the capital city, there is the need to relocate or rather look for a good place to invest, in the suburbs of Nairobi. Matters of healthcare, transport, and housing facilities are very suitable for both commercial and residential purposes. This therefore gives birth to resourceful and useful neighbourhoods around Nairobi. These neighbourhoods include the following:


It has quite a good number of apartments with well-fitted security systems, which include security guards and security cameras such the closed-circuit televisions; CCTVs. It also has good and affordable health clubs, gyms, several international schools, shopping centres and several entertainment places. There are also gated estates which have both furnished and unfurnished apartments available either for rent or for sale.

Lavington and Kileleshwa

These places have bungalows suitable for families. They have playgrounds and playing compounds for the children. It also houses several embassies. It has private educational schools and facilities such as the Nairobi International School. They are situated close to the capital city and they give a cosmopolitan lifestyle since they are more like cosmopolitan centres.


In Muthaiga, there reside a few of the wealthiest citizens and wealthiest foreigners. The residential areas are mostly gated and very secure. Parents in that area, appreciate the place since it is very close to several top international schools which offer quality education to their children. The area also offers sporting and recreational facilities for those around Muthaiga. This is due to availability of the country clubs such as the Muthaiga Golf Club.

[File image of Muthaiga Country Club/ Photo Courtesy]


This is a very convenient place for young and working professionals who wish to live near their place of work. It hosts several restaurants, clubs and stores which keep tourists and residents entertained. Westlands has Spring Valley which is like the core of the area and has bungalows and big houses since it favours the building of apartments. It has gated local housing and well security systems.


This is a self-contained area. The workers of several embassies such as the US embassy and those who work at the United Nations, (UN) offices live around this place. There are big and modern homes which are convenient for those who can afford the lifestyle. It has numerous kindergartens and primary, secondary and international schools. When you live or operate around this area, you don’t need to own your own vehicle because both the public and private means of transport get access to the area.


Both the wealthy and middle class can live in the area due to its gated estates and apartments, secure compounds and it has maisonettes. It gives a wide range of life and how it can be enjoyed to the full for both the locals and tourists. This is due to the available and nearby attractions such as The Carnivore Grounds, Wilson Airport, the Bomas of Kenya, Uhuru Gardens and the Nairobi National Park. Education is well catered for since it has both public and private schools.

So, if for whatever reason you are looking for good neighbourhoods around Nairobi, look to invest in such areas including, Karen, Gigiri, Kitisuru, Hurlinghum, and Parklands.

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