How do Real Estate Agents make Money

Payment is what makes a deal great and a transaction successful. Just like any other business, property market also has commissions and salaries.

How do Real Estate Agents make Money
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When one buys or sells a home in the real estate market he or she must work with an agent and must pay what is called commission based on the percentage of the selling price. Most agents make money through the transaction they get complete, their agents split with the sponsoring broker and the commission paid from a brokerage.

A real estate agent main income is always from a commission of a complete transaction. Commissions are money paid directly to brokers ( the real estate agents) for their services in the sale or purchase of a home property. It can either be a flat fee or a percentage of the property selling price.

What are commissions? 

They may be higher or lower based on where the sale takes places but generally they range from a 5% to a 6% across the country. Often is the seller who pays the commission to the agent unless a successful negotiation between the buyer and the seller for a split in the agents payment method.

Sharing of commission

Commission may be split into four ways in a common real estate transaction;

1. Buyer's agent (is the buyers representative)

2. Buyer's agent broker

3. Listing agent ( is an agent who works with the seller and gets the list from the seller) 

4. Listing agent broker.

 Commission illustration.

Assuming a listing agent takes a list of a £ 300000 house at a 5% commission. The total commission would be £ 15000 if the house goes at the asking price both the buyers agent and the brokers agent will split this commission into half. The agents then split their commission into half  to their brokers. More experienced agent are likely to receive more commissions as well as top producing agents.

In some cases this commission can be split among a fewer party. In a case where a broker list out a property and immediately a buyer is found they will have to keep the whole percentage of the commission to themselves.

Sometimes the listing agent can act to be both the sellers and buyers agent, in this case they will split the commission with the sponsoring broker and chances he'll get a double pay.

Consideration in commission payment:

Though commissions are paid following a settled transactions, there are cases when the brokers still get paid even if the transaction is not settled such as;

• incorrect defects on a title.

•fraud related transactions.

• the seller changes their mind and refuse to sell 

• buyers possession not delivered within a reasonable time

• mutual agreement for transaction cancellation.

In some cases the real estate agents don't get paid on a commission, some get employed and receive their money on a monthly basis.