Africa’s Upside Down House

Sounds fictional, right? But yes, there’s an upside-down house in Africa. The house, which was constructed in 2019 in South Africa is the first of its kind in the continent.

The house looks like it has been flipped over, and when you look at it, you may be scared to get in, but according to the engineers behind the construction, the house is safe and it meets all the construction requirements. It’s even more frightening to learn that the house is “portable” and can be moved somewhere else.

The upside-down house which is near Hartebeestpoort, almost 75 kilometers north of Johannesburg is fully furnished, but you cannot sit on the sofa unless of course, you can defy the force of gravity,

The coolest thing about being inside this “confused” shelter, is that when you turn the camera around, people will actually think that you are upside down. This is a great investment to the owner as people pay to get in the house and enjoy the upside-down of it all.