Things to do Before Buying Land

There is too much work involved in the process of buying land and some people would rather use short cuts to own land. Land is a serious issue and one cannot just assume that the seller is trustworthy, and even if he is, he may want to take advantage of your ignorance. 

Things to do Before Buying Land
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Things to do Before Buying Land

After considering all the factors before buying land, these are the things you have to do in the land buying process.

1. Have a face-to-face meeting with the seller

Buying things online usually saves on time, but when it comes to buying land you cannot risk doing this business online. You have to meet up with the seller and deliberate on things one on one. Ask the seller as many questions as possible. Ask the seller to present you with copies of his identity card and KRA pin certificate. Get to know why they are selling the land, how they acquired it and who the original owner was.

2. Inspect the land with the help of a surveyor

After meeting the seller, get a surveyor and inspect the land. The surveyor will provide two maps which will help you identify the actual size of the land and also establish the boundaries. In relation to this, site visits can provide a lot of valuable information.

3. Involve a valuer to determine the right value of the land

Most people do not involve valuers when buying land. Valuers will help you know if the land is overpriced or not. It is advisable to involve a valuer so as not to pay more for land than the required amount.

4. Ask for a copy of the title deed and do a search on it

When you are okay with the price and you are ready to buy it, ask for copies of the title deed from the seller. Visit the land registry and do a search on the title deed. The search will help you get to know:

  • Who the real owner of the land is
  • The history of the land and if it is owned by the government
  • If the land has any restrictions
  • If the land is a freehold or a leasehold type of land and if it is a leasehold land, you will know the rent payable.

You will also need to do a search with the authorities to see if there are any unpaid land rates and incurring penalties.

5. Get a lawyer and sign the sale agreement and the pay deposit

When it’s time to sign the sale agreement it is advisable to have a family member and a lawyer present. The sale agreement should always be in written form, the lawyer could help prepare it. It is to be signed by both parties and a witness.

The deposit is supposed to be at least 10% of the full amount. You are supposed to pay as you wait for the title deed transfer. Get in touch with the Lands Control Board (LCB), they are the ones to give an okay for the land to be sold. Once they give the go-ahead, you can now pay the remaining balance.

6. Erect simple structures on the plot

Before paying the full amount, fence the land, or put up simple structures on it. This will attract attention if the seller had intended to sell the land twice.

It really is not that much work compared to the turmoil you will go through if you get conned by fraudsters. Better be safe than sorry.