Cobogo Blocks a Game Changer in House Ventilation and Lightning

Cobogo block is a hollow element made from concrete, majorly used in arid areas and the tropics. Apart from architectural wall designs it can greatly be used to design shelves and tables.

Cobogo Blocks a Game Changer in House Ventilation and Lightning
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Cobogo is a name referred to as a hollow element originally made from concrete and brick. Its name is derived from the first syllable of the last names of their creators. Initially made from only concrete and brick it can also be produced from other materials such as ceramic.

It first appeared in the 1920s and it's an inheritance of Arab culture but has spread widely more so from its architectural design functions to the arid and semi arid areas. Originally it was mainly used to partially close the view of internal environments but since it brings out a massive poetic feeling to an architectural project, its uses have expanded to room ventilation and room lighting.

Tropical regions experience a generous fall of the sunshine. The cobogo being hollow allow the Sundays to draw the shadow patterns on the floor and walls depending on the direction of the incoming rays. This is an effect that leads to a total transformation of the environment whether it is being viewed from the outside or the inside.

As time passes and the seasons change, natural light may hit the cobogo blocks in different ways adding a whole new component to this kind of architectural design. When night falls the artificial light will definitely pass through the openings on the cobogo blocks, it will also draw on the floors and walls its own patterns and color depending on the artificial source and coloring.

Ventilation is also another major concern in the tropics and arid areas. Being that temperatures really rise during certain seasons of the year and times of the day. Fully closed rooms can't be conducive for relaxation and for a home-like feeling, sure nobody can feel at home in an overheated environment, thus the need for the cobogo bricks. It allows the passage of natural air that is a natural method of ventilation, this saves up on the cost of room conditioners making it an economical means to install ventilation in houses in the tropics.


In addition to its two major functions, the cobogo bricks provide a perch for climbing plants. Plants usually help bring a biological balance without the use of a chemical product.

As usual, it's an eco-friendly means of designing a wall or a living space, but with a cobogo brick as a perch, one saves up on the means for artificial lighting. The plants also climb as it defines the design patterns of the cobogo bricks making it extremely unique.