Athusi Bar and Restaurant: Center for Kamba Community Since 1952

Athusi bar has been with us for the last six decades, it has gained a good reputation for those six decades and it is popular with the Kamba community.

Athusi Bar and Restaurant: Center for Kamba Community Since 1952
Athusi Bar (Photo courtesy of Athusi Bar)

They call it a second home because this is where they are stationed once they come from their villages. They call it Athusi Bar and Restaurant. The name Athusi means a warrior who set out in search of loverhood. It resonates with most customers at this pub who are earning a living in Nairobi. 

Athusi bar and restaurant is located along Ukwala road in Nairobi downtown. It is a place where Kamba people and especially, people who love drinking, meet to connect, discuss politics and matters concerning their community.

Many people term the club as an old-fashioned pub but until now, it still holds some significance to some Kenyans and especially Kamba drinkers. Athusi bar and restaurant has been around since the 1950s and this is where many Kamba drinkers get to be introduced into the capital city. It has over decades acted as unofficial headquarters of partakes from the lower eastern region. 

The pub’s manager Wistone Munyao in an interview with k24 tv said, “there is a feeling of inadequacy of Kamba drinkers staying in Nairobi but have not been to Athusi. Even music bands must perform here at least once. It is kind of a headquarter that connect us as we talk political, cultural and social issues freely.”

Athusi was started in 1952 and until now the management has kept the old design purposely to let partakes have the feeling of antiquity and that of their villages. Athusi has birthed many Kamba musicians and bands like the Kimangu Boys band, Mukuyuni Boys band, Katitu Boys band, Yatta Boys band, Kyaume Boys band among many others. Athusi bar and restaurant is very significant to Kamba people because it keeps reminding them about their culture even when they are very far from their community village. 

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