Hotels in Nanyuki: Sportsman Arms Hotel

Nanyuki is a town that is an attraction site for many tourists from across the world. This offers an opportunity for the accommodation/ hospitality industry to flourish. In a series of articles, we will look at some of the hotels and their features.

Hotels in Nanyuki: Sportsman Arms Hotel
Image of Sportsman Arms Hotel. Photo/Courtesy

As a continuation of our exploration of the hotels in Nanyuki town, Kenya, today we have a glance into the luxurious Sportsman Arms Hotel.

Sportsman Arms hotel is located at the heart of Nanyuki town and approximately 2 KM from the equator. It's around half a kilometer from the Nanyuki-Meru highway. Its location in Nanyuki, a town at the heart of Mt. Kenya frontier, the hotel acts as the first destination for those seeking to climb Kenya's highest mountain through the Sirimon and Burguret routes or touring the region.

(A photo of the Sportsman Arms Hotel. Image/Courtesy.) 

  • Accommodation

The facility offers over 170 beds which vary in both prices and style. There are two modern wings that hold self-contained rooms. On the courtyard, there are 1-2-bedroom cottages each of these cottages is self-contained with a lounge area, a kitchen a bathroom, and a modern fireplace. All the rooms have Satellite TV

  • Conferencing

The facility offers a variety of conference halls according to the number of participants. The deluxe conference center can accommodate approximately 200 persons which makes it suitable for big conferences/workshops. 

On the other hand, the Lower mega hall can accommodate up to 800 persons making it suitable for weddings as well as huge corporate functions. There are smaller conference halls for about 30 persons set aside for boardrooms meeting.

Finally, the hotel grounds can hold approximately 500 persons. The facility also offers a fully equipped business center.

  • Restaurant and Bars

The facility has a restaurant with a la carte and four bars each with a wide range of both local and international brews plus a friendly atmosphere.

  • In addition, the facility has the following:

A gym

A swimming pools

Jacuzzi / Hot-tub

Credit cards facilities

Ample Parking

Bed and breakfast 

Children activities

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